Chapter 41 – Aeroplane

26 10 2008


hello from eiriendor!

i got to the airport at 6 in the morning. alarm went off at 5. i’m feeling knackered. i have been flying for 11 hours with no stops. i was asleep most of the way. i’ve never flown on my own before.

it was round about noon when i got there, which was kinda disorientating. sakura and her mum were waiting at the terminal to greet me. it was great to see them again.

we drove out to the suburbs, where sakura’s house is. it’s quite large and it’s a really nice place. sakura’s family have all been really welcoming. i can’t believe how lucky i am to have friends like this!

i was so hungry when we got to the house, so i was glad that we had a big lunch. i’m afraid i was a bit impatient!

this has been the longest day ever. i’m a bit tired again already!


Chapter 37 – Going to California

20 10 2008


it rained a lot last night. plenty of squishy leaves underfoot. lovely.

this time next week, i’ll be in california. i still can’t quite believe it. i hope it’s drier there.

i don’t really know what to expect. i’ve never been to america. i mean, it’s not like i haven’t seen it a billion times on tv and in movies, but i’ve never actually been there. i’ve hardly left hercynia. it’s going to be a real adventure!

i still have another week of school and another day of work to get through first, but i’m feeling impatient. this week is going to drag by so slowly, i just know it! still, there’s still one or two things to look forward to this week.

one of my friends is having a party soon (i won’t say who or when just now coz there are quite a few lurkers here and i don’t think my friend would appreciate gatecrashers). i managed to persuade her to invite iaru. truth be told, he didn’t seem very enthusiastic at first, but we managed to talk him into it. he’s really nice, but he doesn’t seem to really hang out with other people very often.

Chapter 31 – Money

6 10 2008


just letting you know: i got the job. they offered it to me then and there, right after the interview. so yay! i start work next saturday. i’ve already explained to them about my trip to california, and they don’t think it’s a problem. i’ll only be taking one day off for that anyway.

i’m still going to look in at the odd jobs agency now and then, because this store work is a fairly short shift one day a week, and doesn’t pay very well. plus i’m only a trial employee for the moment, so they might not keep me on if i’m not good enough. but i think i should be capable of working in a shop, so i’m not worried.

and i really should pay mum back for the plane ticket sooner rather than later.

in other, not money-related news, my friends absolutely rule. imogen, megan, dawn… i don’t know if any of you still read this, but you’re all brilliant. thanks guys! 😀

Chapter 27 – Magic America

26 09 2008


i’m really excited right now. i didn’t want to mention this before, because i didn’t seriously think it was happening, but i’m going to california!

i’m going in a month’s time, during the october mini-holiday, and i’m going to be staying with sakura’s family for a week. isn’t that opti?!

at first, i didn’t think this was even going to be possible, and my mum had reservations, because the flight is really expensive and she thinks i need to be focusing on my studies now that i’m a 6th former, but she’s agreed to it and now it’s all arranged.

i can’t wait!

Chapter 10 – Friends will be Friends

20 08 2008


my friend dawn got back from her holiday in italia yesterday, and she came over. it was great to see her again. we had a lot of catching up to do!

italia sounds pretty cool. dawn was telling me about all the places she visited, mainly venezia and the surrounding towns. it sounds opti. i’m jealous. 😛

she managed to persuade me to go shopping with her, which isn’t exactly my fave pastime, but it was very cool just spending time with a friend, even if she did keep dragging me round to look at ugly preppy clothes (ugh!). then we went and we met up with imogen in d’wighta’s. haven’t seen her in ages! it felt kind of strange tho, cause almost every time we’ve done something like that in the past, sakura’s been there.

the new alethia album came out today. for once this was an album me and dawn were both interested in so we both gave it a listen, and it’s really good. dawn thought it was a little heavy on the rap symph in places, but then she would say that. i really recommend it.

oh, and by the way, looks like stalker boy has finally got the message, and is leaving me alone. about bloody time. tosser.