Chapter 73 – Merry Xmas Everybody

25 12 2008


blimey, has it been that long since i last posted? and lookee what day it is now!


sorry i haven’t blogged lately. so much crazy stuff has been happening. i’ve been kinda under a lot of pressure, one thing and another, you know.

you know, last weekend i took a delivery from the odd jobs place for a guy called walter, who works at the casino bar. you’ll never guess who i saw working there – jack! who you know as stalker boy. we didn’t make eye contact or acknowledge one another, which is probably as well, but i’m glad to see he’s moved on with his life and got himself a proper job.

poor iaru and his brother have been working really hard lately to pay off a debt to someone. i don’t know anything about the guy, but i gather he’s not somebody you want to mess with. iaru can take care of himself, but i do worry a little about what kind of situation he’s got himself into. i just hope the swords aren’t involved, then there could be real trouble.

anyway, it’s not all doom and gloom here, i’m going to dawn’s christmas party this afternoon, which should be awesome, they usually are. everybody goes, and there’s food, drink, music, and lots of fun.


Chapter 40 – Party People

24 10 2008


the party was a laugh. not much of a party, as it turned out, but it didn’t matter because we all got pretty drunk. hell, megan managed to somehow get drunk without actually drinking anything. it was quite pathetic, really, but i’ll let her off, because i don’t think she’s ever touched alcohol before in her life.

iaru, it turns out, is hilarious when he’s drunk. he left us with no shortage of material for potential blackmail. *laughs evilly*

he’s cute, you know.

it was pretty unfortunate that we had to do this on a thursday, with school the following day. really wasn’t the smartest time to do it. but then most of us work saturday anyway, so i guess friday wouldn’t have been any better even if it was an option. and any later and i wouldn’t have been around, which would have been tragic for all involved, i think.

Chapter 39 – Relief

24 10 2008



I’ve just finished my last day of this term. Whew!

I was pretty tired today. I didn’t feel like going in at all, but skipping school was out of the question (although some of my friends did. They abandoned us!)

I had a horrible headache this morning. I don’t know whether that means I’ve got a bit of a hangover – I don’t really know what they’re like – or whether I’m just tired. I suspect the latter. It is the end of term, after all.

One of my friends had a party yesterday. I never used to get invited to parties. Sad but true. Yes, I was quite pathetic, wasn’t I? So naturally, I was a bit apprehensive about this one. Especially given that there were no adults around, that there was alcohol, and that there were some people there I didn’t know very well.

Fortunately, it wasn’t really all that wild. Well, no, it wasn’t remotely wild. To be honest, I found it a bit boring. It seemed more an excuse to get drunk than anything else. I didn’t drink very much; I didn’t get the appeal. I don’t think I was the only one. I drank a little, but I stopped when I started to feel it was affecting me. I don’t think I was capable of walking in a straight line, or staying stood up for very long, which I found a bit disturbing.

My parents weren’t too happy about any of this, but fortunately all I had to endure was a slightly stern lecture before heading off, and a slightly sterner one this morning.

This last day has been OK. We were just getting on with coursework. Everyone was in the frame of mind where they’re anticipating the end of term and don’t really feel up to doing any work.

I’m expected to be getting on with plenty of work this next week, though. I have an essay to write for English, about Frankenstein, which probably won’t be too difficult. I have to work on my collages project for art, and that includes research, unfortunately. I also need to be thinking about getting hold of some musicians for music technology, and contact them. I have no idea what I’m going to do about that! It’s pretty daunting.

Chapter 37 – Going to California

20 10 2008


it rained a lot last night. plenty of squishy leaves underfoot. lovely.

this time next week, i’ll be in california. i still can’t quite believe it. i hope it’s drier there.

i don’t really know what to expect. i’ve never been to america. i mean, it’s not like i haven’t seen it a billion times on tv and in movies, but i’ve never actually been there. i’ve hardly left hercynia. it’s going to be a real adventure!

i still have another week of school and another day of work to get through first, but i’m feeling impatient. this week is going to drag by so slowly, i just know it! still, there’s still one or two things to look forward to this week.

one of my friends is having a party soon (i won’t say who or when just now coz there are quite a few lurkers here and i don’t think my friend would appreciate gatecrashers). i managed to persuade her to invite iaru. truth be told, he didn’t seem very enthusiastic at first, but we managed to talk him into it. he’s really nice, but he doesn’t seem to really hang out with other people very often.