Chapter 64 – On Being Caged

8 12 2008


Right now I’m wondering if I’ll ever be allowed to leave the house ever again, except for school.

Everyone is in a panic about the “Mictlantecuhtli” killings, but my parents, as usual, are more worried than everyone else. They’ve declared that I’m not allowed to leave the house when it’s not light out – and this being the winter, it gets dark before tea time.

I get that they only want me to be safe. The thought of these Aztec cultists is absolutely terrifying. All the same though, it does kind of… well, suck.

You know, back in Hyperborea, I don’t think not being allowed out would really have bothered me. I mean, OK I was younger then, and they didn’t really like me going out in the evenings there anyway, but I never felt any desire to. Since I’ve got here, I’ve just felt so much more independent, and I’ve gone shopping with friends, and eaten at cafes, and watched movies at the cinema. It was fun while it lasted.

Here’s hoping they catch the noxious lunatics responsible for all these attacks soon!