Chapter 109 – Police station gas attack

20 03 2009

(Hercynia Report news blog)

Numerous capsules containing an as-yet unidentified gas were detonated in Cannock police station, Staffordshire, at around 8:00 this evening, causing everyone within the building to fall unconscious.

Nobody has been seriously hurt, although five officers and one detainee suffered minor head injuries. Additionally, four people who were being held in custody at the time have been reported as missing, namely Iaru Coen, Johnny Patel, Megan Rodriguez, and Bradley Turner, widely known as the “teenage runaways”. Footage from the police station’s security cameras was also erased at the time of the incident.

Staffordshire Police have not yet issued a statement on the incident, although an anonymous insider commented that “It’s hard to see the incident as anything other than a calculated attack by individuals sympathetic to the runaways.”


Chapter 107 – Runaway Hercynian teenagers arrested

17 03 2009

(Hercynia Report news blog)

Police in Staffordshire arrested the four Hercynian youths popularly known as the “teenage runaways” at 6:00 this afternoon.

Iaru Coen (19), Bradley Turner (17), Johnny Patel (17) and Megan Rodriguez (16) were found outside the town of Cannock. Their arrest marks a crucial development in one of the most controversial criminal investigations of recent years.

The four are believed to have been travelling in the company of an adult male individual who has yet to be identified. Police are still searching for him.

Chapter 53 – Good news, bad news

12 11 2008


A lot of remarkable things have been happening lately in this area. Some very good things, some very bad things. You might have heard about them on the news.

Good news first. It turns out miracles do happen. Bradley Turner, a girl from my school, was kidnapped over half term. She isn’t someone I know very well, but I was really glad that she was back in school yesterday, and completely unhurt. Everyone in the sixth form has been celebrating. It’s so rare that any of these news stories has a happy ending, so something like this is really uplifting.

In decidedly less good news, there have been a number of murders in this city in the past couple of weeks. There has been a bit of a panic about these recent killings because they appear to have all been committed by one person, or possibly some kind of gang or cult. Three bodies have been found in the past couple of weeks, two of them left in canals, all of them under the age of 25, and all with the letter “m” drawn on their foreheads in marker pen. Furthermore, there was that taunting letter in the papers, which is definitely something a serial killer would do – just look at the historical cases: the Zodiac Killer, Jack the Ripper, David Berkowitz… they all wrote letters and sent them to police or press, or left them for police to find.

The latest killing of this kind was only just reported: the body of a young man was found in an underpass in Bridgeside. That’s a notoriously violent area, but it isn’t all that far from where I live, and I find the whole business deeply disturbing.