Chapter 125 – Mictlantecuhtli killing in Lancashire?

2 07 2009

(Hercynian Report news blog)

The feared serial killer Mictlantecuhtli may still be active in Lancashire, Lancashire Constabulary warned this morning, following the discovery of the body of a Hyperborean doctor near Bay Horse.

The 25-year-old doctor was discovered by the roadside at 1:15 this morning. She had suffered blunt head trauma as well as multiple stab wounds to the torso and arms. Her forehead was marked with a capital ‘M’ in black ink.

Police describe the death as suspicious, but note that there is no conclusive evidence of any connection between this death and the suspected serial killer Mictlantecuhtli, who is believed to have been responsible for a series of deaths in Hercynia last year. However, they warn the public to remain alert, and one officer described the death as “strongly suggestive” of Mictlantecuhtli involvement.

“Mictlantecuhtli” is the name of the Aztec god of death. It first became linked to a series of six deaths last year when a letter was sent to the police describing the deceased as having been “claimed by the Lord Mictlantecuhtli”. All the claimed victims were found with the letter “m” drawn on their foreheads. It was initially supposed that this was the work of a cult, but in March this year, police announced that they believed the murders were all committed by an individual, dubbed Mictlantecuhtli by the media and general public.


Chapter 109 – Police station gas attack

20 03 2009

(Hercynia Report news blog)

Numerous capsules containing an as-yet unidentified gas were detonated in Cannock police station, Staffordshire, at around 8:00 this evening, causing everyone within the building to fall unconscious.

Nobody has been seriously hurt, although five officers and one detainee suffered minor head injuries. Additionally, four people who were being held in custody at the time have been reported as missing, namely Iaru Coen, Johnny Patel, Megan Rodriguez, and Bradley Turner, widely known as the “teenage runaways”. Footage from the police station’s security cameras was also erased at the time of the incident.

Staffordshire Police have not yet issued a statement on the incident, although an anonymous insider commented that “It’s hard to see the incident as anything other than a calculated attack by individuals sympathetic to the runaways.”

Chapter 22 – About last Friday…

15 09 2008


Thanks for the concern, guys. I thought you might like an update on the whole oh-my-god-someone-tried-to-break-into-my-house thing.

I know what I did was insanely stupid. I could have been killed. Or I could have killed the burglar, for that matter, swinging the bat around like a lunatic, and then I don’t know what I’d have done. But I wasn’t thinking, I was absolutely terrified, and I just did what made sense to me at the time.

We got the window completely fixed on the day, so if anyone was planning their own break in, you missed the opportunity. Not that you’d have much luck, anyway, since it isn’t a very big window, and it’s on the second floor. Which of course, makes the whole thing all the more baffling. You’d think they’d go for the larger window; that way they’d have more chance of squeezing through it.

Anyway, I guess we may never know what they were after. Point is, it’s over now. Thank goodness.