Chapter 124 – In the Dungeon of Death

13 04 2009

(Tom Hogg blogs)

Well, hello there, Internet.

I don’t plan to make a habit of blogging, but after Kard posted all those “Dungeon of Death” logs online, I thought I’d clear a few things up.

The posts that you saw were assembled from a number of remarks that I’d made over the course of each day. The remarks were meant to let Iaru, Bradley, Megan and Johnny know I was OK. The computer I was given displayed a black screen, and when I typed, text would appear. I’d hit enter to send it to kard, who then edited it and censored out anything that suggested that I was talking directly to anyone in particular, as well as anything that suggested I had any notion of how to get out of the dungeon, and anything that contradicted her story about me betraying the others.

I think it’s only fair that I tell you what happened after my last set of remarks was posted. Renard – that’s the guy we met who was dressed as a guard, but I’m pretty sure that’s not his real name – was able to reprogram the computer’s transmitter and use it to contact Research Team Seven. Turns out he was a spy for Research Team Seven all along.

After that, it was just a matter of hanging about until Research Team Seven got there. They let us out, and we ran for it. Most of the Network people had fled with everything of value, including the clef, but we were grateful for that because that meant nobody was attacking us. After that, we got into a helicopter, and we got taken here, to Research Team Seven’s hideout.

Anyway, it turns out the Dungeon of Death was nothing more than an entertainment for kard, and a deterrent to anyone who felt like challenging the Network of Arms. Those people I took to be guards were actually a group who didn’t like kard’s leadership and tried to force her to step down.

Most of the prisoners from the dungeon have been rounded up and were anonymously delivered to the police last Thursday. Unfortunately, several of them escaped in the confusion.

We’re all of us unsure where we go from here. Research Team Seven offered to look after us, and we accepted their offer, but I’m not sure whether that was the right decision. I wonder how the farmhands are getting on without us.

Ilona’s been very quiet since we got out of the dungeon. I think she’s still in shock. As far as I can tell, she hasn’t talked much to anybody. I’m a little worried for her, I have to admit.


Chapter 122 – Sorry

10 04 2009


hi guys. as reported by johnny, we’re with the real research team 7 now. so, yay? i guess. i mean they’re nicer to us than kard was.

sakura’s been in contact with us. she and her family have had a hell of an adventure themselves, running from the network of allies in america. sakura’s dad was the one who stole the clef from footgood shoes, and the people at the network weren’t happy about that. i think i trust research team 7 now. well, trust isn’t the word. but they aren’t evil. they’ve been looking after sakura’s family, and they’ve been looking after mark and caitlin.

i’m still not happy about the kidnapping. it was kidnapping. and they haven’t been able to justify that. but you can tell they feel remorse for that, and looking back, they still treated us a hell of a lot better than the network of arms did.

i figure i owe you guys an apology. that last post, as you probably guessed, was a complete lie. sorry for lying to you guys.

i didn’t have any choice. kard would have killed me if i didn’t write it. i tried to put a hidden message in there so you’d know the truth.

kard is insane. tom is innocent. and i can’t imagine what it must have been like for him. since we got back, he’s been even less talkative than usual. i’m a little worried about him.

oh, and i seem to be coming down with a bit of a cold. bleh. don’t think it’s anything to worry about though.

Chapter 121 – The truth about kard and Research Team Seven

7 04 2009


We’re free! Well, kinda. I’m now allowed to blog, and I have a proper bed, and I’m allowed outside, and I’m being allowed proper food rather than plain, slightly dry bread, which is certainly an improvement.

I think it’s only fair that you guys get an explanation of exactly what the heck happened after Megan last blogged.

I guess it all started on that Tuesday when we were arrested. That came out of nowhere. We immediately ran for it. Tom escaped in the confusion; the rest of us weren’t so lucky.

The rest of that week was just… waiting. I think I was asleep when the infamous gas attack took place, because I don’t remember it. All I remember is waking up in different cell to the one I went to sleep in.

I never saw kard. All I heard was this computerised voice telling me that I was in the headquarters of Research Team Seven, and now I was going to suffer for my insolence.

And there I was for the next week. No mattress, very little to eat or drink, bucket in the corner, changed daily. There was a screen on the wall which would come on every morning so that I could read about the adventures of Tom in that dungeon place. Apart from that, no contact with anyone anywhere.

Then, last Sunday morning, I heard all this banging and shouting, and I was terrified. I didn’t have a clue what was going on. Then a bunch of people came in, claiming to be the real Research Team Seven, and told me that there was no time to explain, and I had to come with them. There didn’t seem to be any choice, so I followed them.

We passed a box on a desk that had our stuff on it, and Iaru grabbed it. It’s all there and intact, as far as we can tell, with the exception of the clef, which has gone missing.

We left by helicopter. I’m not sure where we are now. We had to take a pretty roundabout route to avoid being followed.

Anyway, here we are at a facility owned by the real Research Team Seven. And as far as we can tell, they are the real ones. I mean, the woman we met up with who told us about the Network of Allies is here.

I know, we don’t know that we can trust them. The first thing we did when we got here, once we’d all washed and got a change of clothes, and laid down in actual beds and they’d presented us with food, was demand some answers.

The explanation we got was essentially the same one we got last time. The organisation that abducted us, which kard works for, is called the Network of Arms. They’re a militant branch of a larger organisation called the Network of Allies, so called because it consists of a number of smaller organisations working together to form a global organisation. FootGood Shoes, the American shoe company where Bradley’s friend’s dad worked, is a member of the Network. They also have people in governments and police forces worldwide; they’re the ones who framed us. They’re basically trying to get their hands on some old weapons technology that belonged to Research Team Seven, and Research Team Seven are trying to stop them. That’s why the clef is important. It’s a key that will enable them to access this technology. There’s three in total, and all three are necessary.

Currently, the Network has one (the one they stole from us) and RT7 has one (that they stole from FootGood Shoes). The location of the other is unknown, but it’s believed to be somewhere in Europe; it used to belong to a Spanish collector who offered to sell it to Birrow Fletcha, but it has been stolen, possibly by the Network of Allies.

They still haven’t told us everything. There are some points which they deliberately evaded. We’re going to keep trying until we get some straight answers out of them.

There’s some other news which you might find more interesting. Apparently, after Tom was abducted, police wanted to arrest Caitlin and Mark on suspicion of aiding and abetting known criminals. But they weren’t there. In fact, they’ve been here for the past two weeks. It sure was a relief to see some familiar faces. It was obvious that they had been worrying about us a lot.

We’re still not sure what to make of Research Team Seven, but at the moment, I think I know which side I’m inclined to support.

Chapter 118 – Feeling Good

3 04 2009


Hi guys. i know it’s a while since i’ve blogged, sorry about that. Everyone’s been kinda stressed out, so we’ve been taking a break from blogging. Lately we’ve all been through a lot, so i think a blogging break is probably for the best. Posting our every action online only gets us into trouble, anyway. Kard has been looking out for us. And she’s Really kind. Do you know, I think it’s so nice to have someone who’s genuinely concerned about our well being. Sort of makes me feel safe. I don’t know how we coped before we met her and the real research team seven. they’re good people. Not like tom. Stupid of us to trust someone like that. All that time, he was looking for an opportunity to betray us. None of us suspected a thing.

all the same, i don’t like what they’re doing to him. this dungon of death thing, i mean. it seems so… Extreme, i guess. i can tell kard doesn’t like it either, but i don’t think she has any say in the matter.

i still can’t quite believe it. TOM! a traitor! it’s so unexpected. I’m glad he’s somewhere where he can’t cause any more trouble, even if it is extreme.

So anyway, on a more cheerful note, I’m a lot happier here than i’ve been in weeks. Nobody’s tried to attack us here. Nobody’s tried to capture us. it’s a welcome change, i can tell you that. Of course, the only reason we are safe is because research team 7 are looking after us. Can’t believe how wrong we were about them. it was a colossal misunderstanding.

sakura, i saw your post. i’m really sorry i haven’t contacted you in a while. research team 7 are a bit cautious about phonecams. they reckon they’re not secure. Everything’s fine here, really, so sorry if i worried you. how are things in america? are you doing ok?

iaru, megan and johnny are all happy here as well. No more running means we have a chance to relax and enjoy ourselves. There’s nothing to be afraid of here.

Chapter 116 – Kard is NOT RT7!

2 04 2009


OK, I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. A lot of crazy stuff has happened, and it’s been really hectic. But I saw kard and AJ Rich’s blogs, and I couldn’t not say something.

First of all, kard is NOT the same as Research Team 7. I’m sure of it. You have to trust me here, I’ve met RT7 and their style is totally different.

Second, kard is a COMPLETE NUTCASE!! I can’t believe anyone could be such a sick dastard. It’s just insane. I mean, dungeon of death? And that crap about Tom being a traitor. I mean, come on, we know that isn’t true. After all he did for Bradley and her friends? No way.

Bradley, feel free to correct me here. I’m really desperately worried about you. I haven’t been able to contact you at all. Please let me know you’re OK.

Chapter 114 – Regarding the “Dungeon of Death”

1 04 2009

(AJ Rich)


I know what you are doing. The “Dungeon of Death” is an atrocity. You are sick. You deserve to be locked up.

We are closing in on you. Do not make things worse for yourself when we catch you. We shall leave you alone, for now, providing you give us the clef and release Tom Hogg, Johnny Patel, Megan Rodriguez, Iaru Coen and Bradley Turner, all unharmed.

You have until the end of the week.

Chapter 111 – Regarding “kard”

27 03 2009

(AJ Rich)


Dear sir or madam,

It has come to my attention that an individual or organisation going by the name of “kard” has claimed responsibility for the recent attack on Cannock police station, and the disappearances of the “teenage runaways”: Bradley Turner, Iaru Coen, Megan Rodriguez and Johnny Patel. The blog post issuing this claim purports to be a message from Research Team Seven.

Know this: “kard” is not Research Team Seven, nor is “kard” an individual or organisation in any way associated with Research Team Seven. Furthermore, Research Team Seven is in no way connected to the attack on Cannock police station, and has no knowledge of the current whereabouts of the aforementioned runaways, nor of the current whereabouts of Tom Hogg.

We do not know who “kard” is. We have our suspicions. We do not take kindly to being impersonated, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that the perpetrators of the aforementioned attack will not go unpunished.

We strongly recommend that the police do not waste their time following false leads. Thank you for reading.

Sincerely, AJ Rich


Dear sir or madam,

Let me first establish a few points. You are not a member of Research Team Seven. Your actions have been despicable. We do not take kindly to being framed for such misdeeds.

While we have no proof as to your identity, we have some very strong suspicions. The name “kard” is not alien to us. We will find you, and you will know justice.

That is all.