Chapter 80 – Auld Lang Syne

31 12 2008


happy new year, folks. i am in shock.

i’m just now out with iaru and megan, and we’ve just been to see the new marid film, and we’re just now driving away as fast as we can and very much hoping the police aren’t following us, because we’re carrying stolen goods.

we were just about to get into the car when one of iaru’s mates who works as a police officer comes hurtling out a side alley, in full police uniform, forces this lump of what looks to be brass plated marble into iaru’s hands, says the police are after him and says we have to take it to el draque. as in, el draque the freaking sword boss. who apparently iaru is on speaking terms with, nice of him to tell me.

then the police guy legs it, the three of us get into the car, iaru starts driving, a bunch of police have ran after iaru’s mate, i’d be very surprised if they don’t come after us, this is crazy.

we’ve just pulled up outside megan’s house. poor girl doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. iaru told her not to worry, it’s all under control. liar.

so i’m back at my house now. i kept telling iaru not to go to el draque, but he said he might be able to clear his brother’s debt this way. and i’m like, ‘you guys are in debt to the swords?’ and he’s like, ‘adam needed the money,’ and i’m like, ‘holy crap, this is insane.’ so now i don’t know what we’re going to do. he’s just driven me back to my house, and he says we’ll discuss this this evening. we’re supposed to be partying this evening! i want to discuss this now! it’s so confusing. i think i’ll text iaru again and try to make him see sense. he can be so stubborn sometimes!


Chapter 59 – Murder

26 11 2008


i suppose you heard about mictlantecuhtli’s latest attack yesterday? i was the one who found the body.

it had been a good day up until that point. i’d stopped by at the odd jobs agency on my way back from a game of football i’d been playing with iaru and his mates, and i saw this request for a single delivery, that said it was urgent, to be made to a house in forest floor, under tree top town. that’s not far from where i live, so i thought, why the hell not? 20€ just for delivering a parcel!

so i took the bus home as usual, but instead of stopping there, i headed on to forest floor. i’d forgotten just how dark it gets there in the evenings. it took me a little while to find the house in the dark, but i found it, and delivered the parcel successfully. i turned to hurry back so as to catch the last bus to south dock, but i took a wrong turn down one of the streets and wound on the edge of the woods. i was going to just turn back, but then i spotted this figure slumped against a tree. i thought it might be someone hurt, so i just went to have a look. i saw it was a man, and that he wasn’t moving, so i called out, “are you ok?” he didn’t react at all, and then i got closer and realised the guy had a little black “m” on his forehead.

that was the most surreal moment ever. for a moment, i thought it couldn’t be real, you know? like i was imagining it or something. and then i panicked. i straightened up, looked around, and ran. i didn’t stop running until i was out from under tree top town and back in the open. then i called the police, and told them what i’d seen.

it was hard to get the words out. i think i was in shock. then of course they wanted a full explanation of everything, what was i doing there, did i see anything suspicious, etc. so it was a while before i could go home, and i was exhausted by that point. i had to hand my proof-of-delivery slip thingy in today, cause the agency was closed by the time i was done talking to the police.

why does everything crazy seem to happen around me? i mean, am i being punished for something? do i have bad karma?

everyone at school has wanted to discuss what happened. normally i’d be the first to tell everyone about such an exciting tale, but i’m so tired today, and i’m really not in the mood for people being morbid. as far as i can tell, i’m lucky to be alive myself. if the killer had still been around, they could have been really close by. the whole experience was scary as hell.

need sleepp now…. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz