Chapter 37 – Going to California

20 10 2008


it rained a lot last night. plenty of squishy leaves underfoot. lovely.

this time next week, i’ll be in california. i still can’t quite believe it. i hope it’s drier there.

i don’t really know what to expect. i’ve never been to america. i mean, it’s not like i haven’t seen it a billion times on tv and in movies, but i’ve never actually been there. i’ve hardly left hercynia. it’s going to be a real adventure!

i still have another week of school and another day of work to get through first, but i’m feeling impatient. this week is going to drag by so slowly, i just know it! still, there’s still one or two things to look forward to this week.

one of my friends is having a party soon (i won’t say who or when just now coz there are quite a few lurkers here and i don’t think my friend would appreciate gatecrashers). i managed to persuade her to invite iaru. truth be told, he didn’t seem very enthusiastic at first, but we managed to talk him into it. he’s really nice, but he doesn’t seem to really hang out with other people very often.


Chapter 27 – Magic America

26 09 2008


i’m really excited right now. i didn’t want to mention this before, because i didn’t seriously think it was happening, but i’m going to california!

i’m going in a month’s time, during the october mini-holiday, and i’m going to be staying with sakura’s family for a week. isn’t that opti?!

at first, i didn’t think this was even going to be possible, and my mum had reservations, because the flight is really expensive and she thinks i need to be focusing on my studies now that i’m a 6th former, but she’s agreed to it and now it’s all arranged.

i can’t wait!