Chapter 83 – Life in hiding

7 01 2009


Did you see Bizzariarox’s most recent post? If not, I recommend reading it right away. If so, you’ll know that I’m now on the run, along with three other people: Megan (CloudsAreGatheringOverMe), Bradley (bizzariarox) and Iaru (Iaru01). We’re hiding out in East London at the moment. We’ve been staying in the cheapest hotels and guest houses we could find, because while I fortunately had a fair bit of cash on me last Thursday, there’s four of us, and we need to make it last indefinitely. I’ve no idea whether we could be traced from a cash point, but at this stage, I think we’re better off not risking it. It’s already risky that we’re using this computer, not to mention Iaru’s car.

I haven’t spoken to my mum and dad since Thursday. I left them a message by phonecam, saying I was going away for a bit with mates, and not to worry. Then I turned the phonecam off, because from what I’ve heard they’re incredibly easy to track. My parents are probably worried sick. But then, for all we know, staying in contact with family might put them at risk as well.

I don’t think any of us has quite come to terms with our situation yet. That alien rock I sold earlier, of which Iaru is currently in possession, is actually something called a “clef”, and clearly a lot of people want it: the Swords, the Hawkbites, the police, Birrow Fletcha (who obviously isn’t who he says he is), Research Team Seven who kidnapped Bradley while she was in America, and I suspect that burglar who tried to break into my house a while back, as well. Obviously whatever it is, it’s important. Supposedly, it “does” something, although none of us know what. In music, a clef is a key, so maybe it’s the metaphorical key to something? Whatever it is, we can’t just dump it, because it could be our only way out of this mess, and we can’t just give it to anyone, because what if it’s dangerous in the wrong hands? So we don’t have any choice but to hang onto it for now.

We’re in a real mess. We don’t know who we can trust. None of us wants to go to the police, because the police have been behaving so suspiciously.

We still don’t know what happened in the police station. It sure didn’t look like a regular fire. Megan thinks she saw creatures moving in the fire, but I think that was probably just shadows, because none of the rest of us saw anything like that.


Chapter 22 – About last Friday…

15 09 2008


Thanks for the concern, guys. I thought you might like an update on the whole oh-my-god-someone-tried-to-break-into-my-house thing.

I know what I did was insanely stupid. I could have been killed. Or I could have killed the burglar, for that matter, swinging the bat around like a lunatic, and then I don’t know what I’d have done. But I wasn’t thinking, I was absolutely terrified, and I just did what made sense to me at the time.

We got the window completely fixed on the day, so if anyone was planning their own break in, you missed the opportunity. Not that you’d have much luck, anyway, since it isn’t a very big window, and it’s on the second floor. Which of course, makes the whole thing all the more baffling. You’d think they’d go for the larger window; that way they’d have more chance of squeezing through it.

Anyway, I guess we may never know what they were after. Point is, it’s over now. Thank goodness.

Chapter 21 – Burgled!

12 09 2008


Last night, we were burgled. Well, someone attempted to burgle our house, but “Attempted Burglary!” wouldn’t have made for such a snappy title.

I woke up in the night, and there was this shadowy hand, reaching in through my bedroom window. For a moment I thought I must be dreaming or imagining it, but then I realised what must be happening and I was absolutely terrified.

The hand reached for something on the windowsill and I said, “Oi!”, and was answered by this weird sound, more like a hiss than anything else. Then the hand snatched up a paperweight off the desk and threw it at me. I just barely caught it, then I picked up my baseball bat and hit the hand with it as hard as I could. The hand withdrew. I looked out the window, but there was nobody there, just an empty street. As you can imagine, I was pretty freaked out. I checked the window, and the frame around the lock was all warped, like someone had tried to melt through it. Weird thing is, it wasn’t wide enough for a person to fit through, so I think they must have been trying to take something off the windowsill.

Anyway, I told the police the whole story. We’re having a new lock fixed on the window even as I type this. I’ve also moved everything off the windowsill and put it somewhere safer.

But as you can imagine, I’m still a bit freaked out, and really, really tired.