Chapter 123 – the rant

11 04 2009

And it was a sunny day in real life, too!  Very pleasant.

Doctor Who was awesome.  I won’t spoil it, but it’s a good ‘un.  Also, Lee Evans stole the show as a UNIT scientist.

Happy Easter!


Chapter 122 – the rant

10 04 2009

Am I actually incapable of posting these at a sensible time?  No, I’m just rather rubbish at it.

Anyway, I think this should clear up a few more points.

Bradley’s illness is a natural consequence of being kept in such nasty conditions.  It is in no way influenced by how the author is feeling.


This has been a good week for TV, I think.  Saturday’s Primeval was pretty cool, and saw the team do battle with a gremlin in a creepy old house.

Then Monday’s Heroes was one of the best this season.  We found out who Rebel is!  I really wasn’t expecting it to be that person, but it’s awesome that it was!


Current listening: Duke Ellington, “Rumpus in Richmond”.

Chapter 113 – the rant

31 03 2009

This… is probably the nastiest chapter I have written so far.  I hope it’s not gratuitous.

It also contains proof that a certain old plotline has not been forgotten.


Primeval is back on our TV screens, which I think is great news.  Series 3 opened with an unusual episode based around Ancient Egyptian mythology, with a giant crocodile rampaging around the British Museum.

What I love about Primeval is that, much like Doctor Who, it’s delightfully silly.  The drama and the storyline are good, but they have a sense of humour, which makes them all the more entertaining.  Lester in particular is a brilliant character.  And Rex is adorable.

I liked the new character.  I expect we’ll be seeing her again in future episodes; I certainly hope so.

Chapter 106 – the rant

13 03 2009

It’s really late.  I think I must be really bad at managing my time.

Thing is, my final draft of my History coursework was due in today, and I had to write a Music Tech essay for tomorrow, so it took me this long just to finish this.  I know, that’s a terrible excuse.

I visited Winchester University on Saturday.  It seemed like a pretty cool place.  To be honest, I wasn’t ever so impressed with the uni itself, but I liked the town and I liked the Creative Writing course.  Now I need to make up my mind which university to apply for.

Also, I am ever so happy at the moment.  We got our January modular results back today, and I wasn’t really looking forward to seeing how I did in History.  I was kind of resigned to having done badly in that, since, if you remember, I wasn’t too happy with the exam.  In most of the practice papers I’d done, I’d gotten a C or a D, which isn’t bad, but it’s nothing special.  The I got my result at afternoon registration today, and it was an A!

In a way, I think it’s taking the mickey a bit.  I mean, I kept falling asleep in class, for goodness sake!  I was half asleep in the exam!  So I don’t honestly feel like I deserved that grade, but I’m naturally chuffed to bits at having achieved it  all the same.  You know, when I told one friend about it, she looked at me in total stunned disbelief, and said, “Oh my God!”  You’d think she was horrified.  It wasn’t exactly flattering. 😆

What this means, of course, is that I may actually have the potential to get a C or above in History.  Which will mean putting a lot more effort into the subject than I have been doing, and retaking some of my old papers, but it could well be worth it.

Another thing for me to be happy about is the return of Heroes.  Three episodes into Volume 4, and I’m enjoying it so far.  The current storyline is good, and I think they’ve gotten better at writing characters.  Also, there’s a guy who shoots microwaves, a phrase which conjures up a very amusing mental image.  It doesn’t sound so much like a super power, really, when you word it like that.  More like an obsession.

Chapter 92 – Paint and television

26 01 2009


Well, this has certainly been an interesting month. In the space of a few weeks, I have been taken in for questioning by the police, escaped from a burning police station, been threatened at gunpoint, ran away from home, become a fugitive, survived a car crash and been attacked by a monster.

Compared to all that, this last week has been a welcome change. We haven’t been attacked, threatened, or pursued for eleven days now. Under the circumstances, I’d say that’s pretty good going.

The four of us spent much of the weekend repainting the front hall and living room. I’ve never really done any decorating before, but it’s easy enough. It does get dull after a while though.

But hey, I’m not complaining. After all, here we have access to the greatest cure for boredom: a television! Nothing like “Steel Radar Fury” or “Bella & Bethany” to alleviate the tedium of cleaning and decorating. Maybe I could have done without “New South Avenue” (yawn!), but Bradley and Megan like it, so it’s only fair that they got to see it.

I’m especially glad I got to see the Haberdiers beat the Mets on Saturday! Even if it meant enduring Iaru, Bradley and Tom’s jibes about baseball not being a ‘real’ sport. Hmph! But then, they let me watch it, which was nice, especially since it meant I was hogging the TV for about 3 hours! I had been resigned to not being able to see it.

Chapter 78 – the rant

30 12 2008

Is this foreshadowing?

Well, I’m not going to say.


With the Angels had their finale yesterday.  If you haven’t watched that series, I strongly recommend it.  I’m sad that it ended, because it’s not often you come across a web series with this kind of believable, high quality, character derived drama.  It’s everything lonelygirl15 could have been if they hadn’t gone off the rails and allowed a poorly-planned subplot to become the main plot.

Chapter 75 – the rant

26 12 2008

Iaru’s generally a pretty relaxed guy, but he’s under more stress here than he lets on.


 A Matter of Loaf and Death was good fun, as Wallace & Gromit shorts generally are.  I love the creativity and the attention to detail.

After that I watched The Royle Family Christmas special.  It was good fun, although rather more absurd than is usual for The Royle Family.  It was quite farcical at times, actually.

This morning I went to see a mummers play outside Gloucester Cathedral.  The mummers play is an English folk tradition, and it was therefore fitting that it was preceded by some morris dancing.  Sadly, mummers plays and morris dancing are becoming increasingly rare nowadays.  I like folk traditions, so I’d be sad to see them die out, but then, there’s no way I’m ever doing any morris dancing, and I’m sure a lot of other people feel the same way.

My parents are hosting a smallish Christmas party tomorrow – I say smallish because more and more old friends seem to be being invited, so it may end up being quite a large party.  I’ve just been asked to compile a Christmas CD, which is supposed to be (a) upbeat, (b) atypical, (c) feature some traditional songs, and (d) derived from my dad’s CD collection, which, while extensive, has some rather conspicuous absences, my dad being a fan of LPs and more cassettes than I can count.  I think it’s going to be pretty good though.  I’ll do my best!

Current listening: Joni Mitchell, “River”