An update of sorts

27 06 2009


This is going to be a rather inadequate post, but I just wanted to let you guys know I haven’t forgotten about y’all.  I’ve been kinda busy lately; my exams are now done with (I don’t think I did very well), but I’ve been looking for a job, without success, and my sleep pattern is kinda whack, which is my fault.

Currently I’m working on getting a few things straightened out with my story; I’m also thinking of including some more serious posts here, possibly on a media studies theme, and generally spruce this place up a bit.

Thank you all for your patience and support.


Chapter 124 – the rant

13 04 2009

Poet and you didn’t know it, Tom.

More details of the Dungeon are revealed.  Nothing really to add. ^_^


Saw Primeval Episode 16 yesterday.  Oh.  My.  Gosh. O_O;

Chapter 121 – the rant

7 04 2009

I meant to post this on Monday, but Tuesday midnight came and it still wasn’t finished. 😦  There may be a pause before I post any other chapters, although I’ll do my best.  I don’t have any written at the moment.

Something about these more exposition-y chapters never seems convincing.  I’m not happy with it, but any later posting would be rather unrealistic, so this will have to do.


I’m not very well.  I have a cold and a sore throat, so I feel pretty rotten.  I was supposed to be meeting some friends today and go bowling; we were going to meet up at 12:00.  I was woken at 12:20 by one of them phoning me to ask where I was.  When I tried to answer, I discovered my voice was going.  So I explained as best I could that I couldn’t get there in time, and if I did I’d only infect them all.  So today rather sucks.

What’s worse, dad had a cold yesterday, so I’ve probably caught it from him, and he was much worse today.  And yesterday we were visiting our Scottish relatives and my 80-something-year-old grandpa, so I hope we haven’t given them our disease, but we probably have.

I’m also disturbed to note that right-clicking a link no longer seems to do anything.  I hope I don’t have a computer virus on top of the real life one.

I’m too tired to talk about any other stuff.  I’m really not well.  I apologise for not having been following anyone’s blog recently.  I’m in a completely disorganised and wiped out state.

Chapter 119 – the rant

3 04 2009

I just barely managed to get this one posted on the day.  By about 20 seconds.


It’s now gone midnight.

Chapter 114 – the rant

1 04 2009

I think AJ Rich is more convincing at sounding like a “good guy” than kard is.

That’s a pretty important skill to have.


I’ve just been struggling against the Music Technology equipment.  I had a recording (of myself singing the harmony, of all things) recorded onto my hard drive, and I’d incorporated it into my coursework.  It was there yesterday.  I distinctly remember it.  Today, however, it had been replaced by an old drum recording, and the harmony had vanished from the drive.  Something like this happened once before, but this is more frustrating because I’d edited it into place.  The last time this happened, the teacher didn’t believe me, which only makes it all the more of a pain.

I’ve just gotten back home after re-recording the part.  I’ll edit it into my coursework tomorrow.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t vanish into the aether in the interim.

Omake Rant / Giving Blood Again

24 03 2009

This is the first omake chapter (the term is borrowed from manga).  Basically, it’s bonus information relating to the story, and absolutely isn’t just intended to distract you while I write up the next few chapters.


Anyway, this should hopefully clear up some of the confusion regarding who’s who in the world of “the experiment”.  At present, it only contains the characters I consider most important, but it will almost certainly be subject to future updates.


Now I am going to subject you to tell you the story that I was too tired to include in my last post.

I went to donate blood for the second time on Thursday.  The last time I did this I was quite nervous, but I was a lot more confident this time now that I thought I knew what it would entail.  I was in for a slightly unpleasant surprise.

When I got there, by some absurd stroke of fortune, the exact same trio of friends that I’d met last time were there in the queue directly in front of me (this was not the unpleasant surprise; this was a nice surprise).  It was really funny, because while I’d known that one of them was also intending to give blood that day, we hadn’t arranged to meet up, and that’s the second time that’s happened.  My friend joked that she thought I was stalking them.

The not-so-pleasant surprise was when I was informed that, due to a technical problem the last time I’d donated, I would not be allowed to fill a blood bag this time.  I had been informed of the problem before, but when I’d asked an NHS help person over the phone about it, she’d said I would be able to donate.

Anyway, the nurse explained that there was a slight abnormality in my blood, which wouldn’t affect me, but could affect how long the blood could be stored.  She also told me that it had been used, which I was glad to hear, since I’d been worried it would have gone to waste.  However, this time my blood would have to be taken for testing.  I was to fill three small bottles, instead of the full blood bag.

And I still managed to screw up.  Sometimes I think I can’t do anything right.  When she stuck the needle in my left arm, I shifted my arm ever so slightly.  She unplugged the tube after filling only one bottle, and told me that I’d messed it up by moving.  I think she thought it best to stop there, but I was determined to donate something, so I offered the right arm.  I made sure I kept very still that time.

Anyway, I ended up with two plasters (a friend quipped that I had both arms done to be nice and symmetrical), and a bruise on my left arm.  The nurse gave me a helpful pamphlet explaining to me about bruises.  Because obviously, I’ve never had a bruise before.  It was helpfully illustrated with pictures of bruised apples because, of course, bruised apples are so similar to bruised limbs.  Thank you, NHS.

They gave us biscuits after.  We were slightly miffed when, once we were done eating our plain biscuits, some Milky Way bars were put out.  We took four anyway, because we were greedy pigs.

Chapter 109 – the rant

21 03 2009

I suspect foul play was involved.  It usually is.


Man, I totally fail at going to bed at a sensible time.  Goodnight!