An update of sorts

27 06 2009


This is going to be a rather inadequate post, but I just wanted to let you guys know I haven’t forgotten about y’all.  I’ve been kinda busy lately; my exams are now done with (I don’t think I did very well), but I’ve been looking for a job, without success, and my sleep pattern is kinda whack, which is my fault.

Currently I’m working on getting a few things straightened out with my story; I’m also thinking of including some more serious posts here, possibly on a media studies theme, and generally spruce this place up a bit.

Thank you all for your patience and support.


Chapter 106 – the rant

13 03 2009

It’s really late.  I think I must be really bad at managing my time.

Thing is, my final draft of my History coursework was due in today, and I had to write a Music Tech essay for tomorrow, so it took me this long just to finish this.  I know, that’s a terrible excuse.

I visited Winchester University on Saturday.  It seemed like a pretty cool place.  To be honest, I wasn’t ever so impressed with the uni itself, but I liked the town and I liked the Creative Writing course.  Now I need to make up my mind which university to apply for.

Also, I am ever so happy at the moment.  We got our January modular results back today, and I wasn’t really looking forward to seeing how I did in History.  I was kind of resigned to having done badly in that, since, if you remember, I wasn’t too happy with the exam.  In most of the practice papers I’d done, I’d gotten a C or a D, which isn’t bad, but it’s nothing special.  The I got my result at afternoon registration today, and it was an A!

In a way, I think it’s taking the mickey a bit.  I mean, I kept falling asleep in class, for goodness sake!  I was half asleep in the exam!  So I don’t honestly feel like I deserved that grade, but I’m naturally chuffed to bits at having achieved it  all the same.  You know, when I told one friend about it, she looked at me in total stunned disbelief, and said, “Oh my God!”  You’d think she was horrified.  It wasn’t exactly flattering. 😆

What this means, of course, is that I may actually have the potential to get a C or above in History.  Which will mean putting a lot more effort into the subject than I have been doing, and retaking some of my old papers, but it could well be worth it.

Another thing for me to be happy about is the return of Heroes.  Three episodes into Volume 4, and I’m enjoying it so far.  The current storyline is good, and I think they’ve gotten better at writing characters.  Also, there’s a guy who shoots microwaves, a phrase which conjures up a very amusing mental image.  It doesn’t sound so much like a super power, really, when you word it like that.  More like an obsession.

Chapter 90 – the rant

21 01 2009

Poor Iaru. He’s a lot more upset about that car than he’s letting on, but he doesn’t want to draw any of Bradley’s sympathy away from Megan.

I was being quite silly when I came up with Billy Baggins and the Wereworms, but this might just be one of those cases where fact is every bit as strange as fiction.

One of these days I’m going to forget that Iaru’s blog host lists “Location, Mood, Music” and leave it off by mistake.


I had my history exam today.  I suppose it could have been a lot worse.  It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, which doesn’t really bode well.  I was writing up until the last second.

Still, it’s in the past now.  Now I can relax and take a break.  What’s that?  Coursework, you say?  Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of no more revision!

Annoyingly, the last time I hit publish, it deleted most of this post, so I’ve just had to write it out again.  Let’s hope it works this time…

Edit: Yep, worked!  Whew!

Chapter 89 – the rant

19 01 2009

A second degree burn to the face is an extremely serious injury, and Megan is downplaying it here.  Bear in mind that this is the future, and medicine has advanced considerably.  Megan’s burn is also fairly small, and superficial.  This means that she could likely make a full recovery without any long-term damage in a few weeks time.  Nevertheless, it would still be extremely painful.


I have a history exam on Wednesday.  I don’t feel remotely ready for it.  Best get revising, I guess.

Chapter 85 – the rant

12 01 2009

They’re making the best of things.  When you’re stuck in London for that long, you might as well go out and explore, right?  Of course, they’re perhaps not being as careful as they could.

I hope Iaru doesn’t come across as a jerk here.  I don’t think he’s being fair, but bear in mind that the Megan we see is not the same one that Bradley and Iaru are used to; nor is she the same one who left Hyperborea.


Mondays are a rubbish day as far as school is concerned.  We are required to come in every morning, but I don’t have lessons until History during period 5.  Allow me to share with you a day in the life of Bobby, and demonstrate why I may not be entirely ready for my history exam next week.

8:33 – Finally sets off for school, having overslept.  Hurries to school.  Forgets coat, in spite of the cold, wet weather.

8:42 – Arrives in school just in time for registration (a little late, but hey).

8:50 – Settles himself down in the study area, ready to do some proper revision in the form of a past paper.  A friend wants to go to the post office.  Consequently, Bobby goes to the post office with two friends.  No work is completed.

9:50 – Visits a bakery, where a friend wants to buy a cake.  Notes the high prices.  Is asked what he would like to buy by the woman at the counter.  Stammers, “Er, I’m just considering.”  Is asked again about 20 seconds later.  Chooses to buy the cheapest doughnut on the menu.  Woman wraps doughnut and promptly drops it on the floor.  “Whoops, sorry!  Oh well, it’s wrapped…”  Yes, it is, lady.  I see that.  Thanks.

10:38 – Arrives back at school.  Still feels tired.  Decides it’s too close to break to start a past paper.  Friends tell Bobby to get on with some work.  Halfheartedly flicks through a book on Elizabethan Parliament.  No work is completed.

10:50 – Break.  Eats food.  More friends arrive.  No work is completed.

11:10 – Friends pester Bobby with irritating questions.  Bobby’s friends are lovely, but sometimes they can be slightly annoying.  “Yes, I did fall in the river on Saturday night.  No, it was only my left foot, and I pulled it out the water pretty quickly.  No, it was not because I was drunk and stoned at the time.  No, I was not drunk and stoned at the time!  No, you did not pee on me.  No, you were some way downstream.  Yes, I did change my trousers afterwards.  And showered, FYI.”  No work is completed.

12:10 – All friends go to lessons.  Bobby attempts to finally get this past paper done, without interruptions, under exam conditions.

12:13 – Goes and plays a couple of games of table football with some Year 12 boys.  Bobby’s team loses.

12:30 – Sits back down and attempts to get his past paper done, without interruptions, under exam conditions.  Pen runs out.  Small quantity of work completed.

1:10 – Lunch time.  Friends return and mock the lack of work completed.  General socialising.  No work completed.

2:10 – Attends registration.

2:25 – Attends History lesson, Period 5.  Teacher allows class to get on with revision.  A classmate decides to engage the teacher and the rest of the class in a philosophical discussion of such diverse topics as Israel, Islam, Catholic schools, teenage pregnancy, British and American foreign policy, and terrorism.  This is highly distracting.

3:25 – Period 5 ends.

3:27 – Hastily writes a conclusion to his past paper essay and forces it into the hands of a fast escaping teacher, asking if she would mind marking it.  The essay consists of just over a side of A4 lined paper.  Bobby goes home in the pouring rain.

3:48 – Arrives home and almost immediately remembers that he hasn’t booked the recording studio for tomorrow’s Music Tech recording, and his friend is coming into school specially.  Turns around and runs back, wearing a coat this time, not that it does him much good given how heavy the rain now is.

4:00 – Arrives back at school, only slightly short of breath.  Enters music block and asks the first person he sees where his teacher is.  The person has no idea.  Bobby asks another teacher, who says Bobby’s teacher just left a minute ago.  Bobby sprints to the car park, desperately calling his teacher’s name, because Bobby is short sighted and it’s hard to see anything in this weather.  A man at the far end of the car park who was just closing his car door from the inside opens it slightly and pokes his head out.  Bobby runs over and asks if he can book the recording studio.  Teacher says yes, but advises Bobby to come in early tomorrow to make sure.  Bobby thanks teacher and leaves.  Teacher drives off.

I can’t remember what time it was I got home, but by that time I was soaked through.

So yeah.  I think I have a problem motivating myself to get any work done.  See what I mean about not being ready for the exam?

Chapter 8 – the rant

15 08 2008

Despite the initially serious theme, this chapter is a fairly lighthearted one, all about losing things.

I’m really happy at the moment; I got my A-level results back yesterday, and I got a “B” for media!

Back to Year 12 (for real this time)

19 06 2008

Today was my first history lesson I’ve had since my exams finished.  Mrs. History Teacher was supposed to be sorting me into a class, but unfortunately wasn’t in today.  Instead, Mr. History Teacher told me to attend his class.  I’m pretty sure the class in question isn’t the one Mrs. History Teacher wants me to be in, and since I don’t even know what the timetable is, it’s probably best not to get too used to being in that class in case it clashes with music tech.

My classmates were all Year 12 girls.  I recall that Mrs. History Teacher didn’t think it was a good idea for me to join in the set containing only girls; maybe she thought I would find them intimidating or something.  Or else she thinks I’m some kind of pervert who would be a liability in a class of girls.  It’ll be one of the two.  There were only four of them, so maybe there are other boys in the set and they just didn’t bother to turn up.

Us Year 13s have never really gotten along particularly well with Year 12s.  That might be something to do with the fact that they kept throwing stuff across the study area at us (such as mints, rubbers, pens, and contraceptives), or it might just be because they had the nerve to invade our territory study area, the little gits.

In any case, it was a relief to find that this particular class were friendly, seemingly well adjusted and reasonably normal.  There was a cheerful girl who struggled to operate a pair of headphones, accidentally fused the words “deacon” and “vicar” together so that it came out sounding like “dickar”, and got called a “freak” a lot.  There was a tall, slightly scary girl, who talked a lot about obscure historical events and figures that nobody else had heard of, and expressed a fondness for “chavvy music” and gory horror movies.  Then there was a girl with a grey hoodie who listened to loud, extremely heavy rock through a pair of headphones, described various violent scenes from movies as “hilarious”, and offered everyone chocolate.  The other girl was fairly quiet and said she might be dropping history the following year (oddly enough, there was a girl just like that in my old Year 12 class).  They all seemed like very nice people.

Unfortunately, hopeless case that I am, I can’t remember their names.

In class, we will be selecting and researching a historical period of our choice.  Last time I wanted to do something to do with the Mughal Empire in India, but struggled to find any relevant books, so this year I’ve decided to restrict myself to Western history, preferably no further back than the 1500s.  I’ve narrowed my selection down to three possibilities: The Golden Age of Piracy, street gangs and organised crime in 18th century London, and nobles and duelling in France between the late 16th and mid 17th centuries.  I need to choose one of those by next lesson, so I’m going to have to research them and see which is the most interesting and which I can find books on.

After the lesson, I went to the cinema with some friends and we watched the new Indiana Jones movie.  I’m thinking of doing a post about that; I know a lot of other people have already done posts on that subject, but I saw it from the perspective of someone who knows very little about the Indiana Jones series and has never seen an Indiana Jones movie before (I had meant to see Raiders of the Lost Ark first, but somehow I never got around to it).  Maybe I should write a media studies type analysis, to “make up for the lack of drama in my life”. 😉

In any case, it was a good movie, and we had a great time mocking all the implausible scenes.  We had the theatre pretty much all to ourselves – there were about 2 other people in there – which meant that we got the comfy seats at the back.  I guess everyone else must have seen it by now.  We did go in the middle of the day though, so maybe it’s more crowded outside of work and school hours.

Anyway, I realise this post has been one long ramble, so I’m going to finish it now.  I’ve got to, anyway; Heroes is on in a few minutes.