Swans in the Snow

14 02 2009

Winter Lake

Well, it’s a special day today.  That’s right… half term begins!  Not a moment too soon, either.

That party was OK, but to be honest, it was very disappointing.  I spent most of the time either looking after drunk people, looking for missing people who were off crying, or trying to talk people out of “everything sucks, everyone hates me, my life is meaningless” states.  Also, I’m now losing my voice, and I’ve kind of burnt out as far as doing schoolwork is concerned, so a break is very welcome indeed.

Anyway, I thought you might enjoy this picture I took a week ago.  I thought it was pretty.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody. 🙂

Current listening: Pendulum, “Tarantula (Pendulum vs Fresh feat: $pyda & Tenor Fly)”


Chapter 87 – Never Turn Back

14 01 2009


well, i warned them. i warned them, but no-one listened to me.

we’re on the move again. we don’t have a choice. it turns out we’re now in the news – as wanted criminals, charged with larceny, arson, assaulting a police constable, gbh and resisting arrest. we were all kind of dumbfounded, as you can imagine, seeing as none of us has done any of those things. but we’re now officially fugitives.

we left the city in a hurry. we’ve decided to head for a less urban area. we’re debating leaving the country, although that would mean we’d need to somehow cross the border without being noticed.

this means we’re going to have to be a lot more careful and stop doing stupid things like sightseeing and drawing attention to ourselves. this isn’t a game. we are in an impossible situation here. we can’t afford to take unnecessary risks.

we’ll be sleeping in the car tonight. it’s too risky to go to a motel or something because someone could recognise us. as it is, we’re debating ditching the car as soon as possible. johnny thinks that’s the only sensible option if we don’t want to be followed, but iaru says there’s no way in hell he’s abandoning his car like that.

to make matters worse, it’s really cold and starting to snow. we’ve got blankets in the car, but we could still catch our death in this weather.

i don’t know how we got into this mess, but it sucks so badly it’s absurd. i feel pathetic for saying this, but i really miss my mum. i wonder what she thinks of me? does she think i’m really a criminal, or will she think there’s a misunderstanding? i never got the impression she really trusted me with anything. she’s probably furious i’m throwing my life away. i can just picture her: ‘what are you doing, becoming a fugitive? you should be focusing on your studies!’

we’re at rock bottom here. iaru is trying to keep us all sensible and optimistic, but i don’t think he’s having much success. megan is putting on this horrible forced cheerfulness, which is so painfully obviously fake, like she thinks we’re going to believe she’s cool with everything that’s happening. of course she bloody well isn’t cool with it! who would be? but it’s like she doesn’t want us to think she’s a person capable of being scared or missing home. i blame the boys for getting irritable with her when she was upset earlier.

meanwhile johnny is getting really paranoid and snapping at everyone, which isn’t helping matters in the slightest. frankly, it’s only a matter of time before one of us snaps and punches him. i mean, i get that he’s stressed. we’re all freaking stressed. there’s no need to be so noxious about it!

Chapter 82 – On the Run

5 01 2009


hello again everybody. you would not believe what has happened since i last posted. for example, the fact that i am now living on the run, along with iaru, megan and this guy called johnny from school.

yes, you read that right. WE ARE ON THE RUN.

i suppose you’re probably wondering how we got into this mess. to be perfectly honest, so are we. but i’ll do my best to explain our situation, as i understand it.

it all started on new years day. the four of us were taken to the police station for questioning regarding that rock thing iaru got given last wednesday. is it normal practice to get taken to the police station just to be questioned? i got the impression that we were in more serious trouble than they made it sound.

when we got to the station, we get shown through to this room at the back, and the first thing we get asked is where the cleff is. you remember that’s what research team 7 kept asking us about? so of course i said to the officer who asked that, “i already told you guys, i don’t have it! i don’t even know what a cleff is”. and the guy said that it was no use lying, and that they had video proof that me, iaru and megan drove off with the cleff on wednesday. then he demanded to know where it was.

iaru was the one who answered first. he said that we’d dumped it by the roadside in the southern part of town, near wistleigh. we hadn’t, but he obviously didn’t want to tell the police where it was really, seeing as it might be a way to pay off adam’s debt. so i confirmed that story. what else could i do? lying to the police is an offence, and i didn’t want to get iaru into trouble.

then the police asked us what we knew about it, and we said truthfully that we didn’t know what it was or what it was for. then one of the police officers accused johnny of lying, saying that johnny had kept it hidden for ages, and johnny said that he thought somebody tried to steal it once, and that it was really valuable. the police officer asked him why it was valuable, and johnny said it was made by aliens.

no, seriously.

the police obviously didn’t believe this and they got pretty angry at that point, but they didn’t get any further because that moment the door burst open, and the room must have caught fire, because all of a sudden there were flames everywhere. the next few seconds are a blur. the police started blundering around screaming and trying to dodge the flames. they were going nuts. a couple of the officers took out guns and fired them, like that was supposed to help. anyway, the four of us just turned and ran, because it was either that or get burned to a crisp or shot. the police didn’t stop us, because they were to preoccupied with the fire, so we just ran straight out the building. we kept on running until we were well clear of the station, then we stopped in an alleyway to get our breath back.

we’d just recovered enough to start asking each other what the hell just happened when a man in a suit turned down the alley, pulled out a gun and told us to hand over the cleff. we were all terrified, and then this guy walked up behind him and hit him over the head with a brick.

johnny recognised the guy with the brick, and called him mr. fletcha. fletcha said there was no time to talk now, and that we would be in danger as long as we stayed in this city. he said there were enemies everywhere, but his organisation could protect us. then he asked us for the cleff.

i think iaru might have actually given it to him, if those other two nutters hadn’t showed up. i recognised them; they were a couple of hawkbite drug dealers who sometimes hung around near the school. both the hawkbites and fletcha pulled out guns, and the four of us legged it.

we didn’t know what to do next. iaru didn’t think we should go home, because he thought it would only put our families in danger. we couldn’t go to the police, because apparently the police are in on whatever this is. iaru suggested going to the swords for protection, but the rest of us all agreed that that would be suicide, so in the end we decided it was best just to stick together and keep out in the open – we figured we were less likely to be attacked in a public place – and to get out of the city as soon as possible. we got on the first cheap ferry to london we could find, came ashore, and here we are.

the other three all have blogs, which i see a lot of you guys have already discovered. the four of us will let you know what’s going on until we get out of this mess. we’ve all contacted friends or family, but i don’t think we should make a habit of that, because phonecams are easy to track. this pocket computer is slightly less trackable, but not ideal.

i guess i also owe you guys another explanation. i haven’t been entirely honest with you guys lately. i think some of you might have already worked it out, but iaru is my boyfriend. he has been for nearly 2 months now.

you’re probably wondering why i didn’t mention that sooner. honestly, i didn’t really feel comfortable talking about that here because of the whole fiasco with my ex, jack, on my old blog, and i didn’t want to risk repeating that. so i told iaru that i didn’t have a blog.

so yeah. i’m a liar, and not a very good one. a liar on the run.

we’ll do our best keep you posted on what’s happening here.

Chapter 63 – the rant

6 12 2008

This chapter was supposed to be posted earlier in the day, but yesterday was Goodwill Evening in a nearby town, so I went there, forgot to take a house key, lost track of the time, stayed in town much longer than I intended, and ended up spending the night around a friend’s house because it was too late to go back home.  So yeah, I’m an idiot, and I’m lucky to have friends like that.  I wish I wasn’t so absent minded.

I’m really tired now.  I was up really late on Thursday doing last-minute homework, and I must have only gotten about 5 hours of sleep total over the past couple of days.

It was a good evening, anyway.  Some stuff happened that wasn’t so great, but I enjoyed myself most of the time.

I’ve now seen Heroes episode “The Eclipse Part 1”.  Blimey.  I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but I can’t wait for the next episode.

Current listening: Godsmack, “I Stand Alone”.

Chapter 59 – the rant

26 11 2008

If Bradley is so tired, she shouldn’t be posting at this late hour, but I really didn’t have any choice.

Bradley seems to come in for more than her fair share of nasty experiences, doesn’t she?  First stalkers, then kidnappers and now murderers.  One of the pitfalls it’s easy to fall into as a writer is to sympathise with your characters so much that you can’t bear to see them suffering.

The name “Mictlantecuhtli” hasn’t been mentioned before in the story, although it did appear in one of the tags used by Johnny.  That’s because this is a news item that everyone in Hercynia would already know about, so Johnny and Clouds didn’t think it necessary to mention that name.


I saw the first episode of a new BBC drama series the other day.  It’s called Survivors, and it’s really good so far.  It’s about a group of people who are the last survivors of an epidemic that has wiped out over 90 percent of the world’s population.  Apparently it’s based on an older series, which was in turn based on a book by Terry Nation, the man who created the Daleks (no, I don’t mean Davros).

I visited Coleg y Drindod (Trinity College), a.k.a. Carmarthen uni, today.  It seems kind of small, and it’s in the middle of nowhere, a bit like where I live, actually, but the Creative Writing course they offer there is really good.  I spoke to one of the lecturers there, and he gave me a very long and interesting talk about the course, as well as the college, university in general, course interviews, living in Wales, etc.  He seemed a really nice guy, and I was honoured that he was prepared to give up so much of his time to help me, but this did mean that my mum and I were at the university for much longer than we anticipated, and I had a friend’s 18th birthday party to get back to (I swear, everyone is turning 18 lately!).

Then we got held up by traffic, and there were two accidents, and loads of roadworks, and I arrived home half an hour late for the party, which wouldn’t have mattered nearly so much if the party hadn’t began with a sit down dinner.  Furthermore, I still needed to dress up as a walrus, as required by my party invite.  This could have been achieved more speedily if I hadn’t received a phone call from one of my friends asking me where the hell I was while I was trying to change.

As it was, I didn’t have time to wrap the present, and my walrus tusks were mauve drinking straws because I couldn’t find white ones, and I forgot to stuff my suit with a cushion, so everyone thought I was meant to be James Bond or some kind of pimp, but no matter.  I got to the party just over an hour late (Google Maps’ directions suck), and it was great fun.

It was a very odd party, actually.  It was kind of like being 6 years old again.  We were all dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland or Through the Looking-Glass (the birthday girl was Alice).  We had jelly – fortunately there was still some left for me! – and ice-cream, and we played party games like pass the parcel.  It was probably the nicest, most innocent party I have been to in some time.  Well, OK, not entirely innocent, but as innocent as you could reasonably expect some of the people present to be.

Anyway, I’ve only just got back, which is why this is being posted so late in the day.

Chapter 21 – Burgled!

12 09 2008


Last night, we were burgled. Well, someone attempted to burgle our house, but “Attempted Burglary!” wouldn’t have made for such a snappy title.

I woke up in the night, and there was this shadowy hand, reaching in through my bedroom window. For a moment I thought I must be dreaming or imagining it, but then I realised what must be happening and I was absolutely terrified.

The hand reached for something on the windowsill and I said, “Oi!”, and was answered by this weird sound, more like a hiss than anything else. Then the hand snatched up a paperweight off the desk and threw it at me. I just barely caught it, then I picked up my baseball bat and hit the hand with it as hard as I could. The hand withdrew. I looked out the window, but there was nobody there, just an empty street. As you can imagine, I was pretty freaked out. I checked the window, and the frame around the lock was all warped, like someone had tried to melt through it. Weird thing is, it wasn’t wide enough for a person to fit through, so I think they must have been trying to take something off the windowsill.

Anyway, I told the police the whole story. We’re having a new lock fixed on the window even as I type this. I’ve also moved everything off the windowsill and put it somewhere safer.

But as you can imagine, I’m still a bit freaked out, and really, really tired.

Chapter 10 – Friends will be Friends

20 08 2008


my friend dawn got back from her holiday in italia yesterday, and she came over. it was great to see her again. we had a lot of catching up to do!

italia sounds pretty cool. dawn was telling me about all the places she visited, mainly venezia and the surrounding towns. it sounds opti. i’m jealous. 😛

she managed to persuade me to go shopping with her, which isn’t exactly my fave pastime, but it was very cool just spending time with a friend, even if she did keep dragging me round to look at ugly preppy clothes (ugh!). then we went and we met up with imogen in d’wighta’s. haven’t seen her in ages! it felt kind of strange tho, cause almost every time we’ve done something like that in the past, sakura’s been there.

the new alethia album came out today. for once this was an album me and dawn were both interested in so we both gave it a listen, and it’s really good. dawn thought it was a little heavy on the rap symph in places, but then she would say that. i really recommend it.

oh, and by the way, looks like stalker boy has finally got the message, and is leaving me alone. about bloody time. tosser.