Chapter 78 – the rant

30 12 2008

Is this foreshadowing?

Well, I’m not going to say.


With the Angels had their finale yesterday.  If you haven’t watched that series, I strongly recommend it.  I’m sad that it ended, because it’s not often you come across a web series with this kind of believable, high quality, character derived drama.  It’s everything lonelygirl15 could have been if they hadn’t gone off the rails and allowed a poorly-planned subplot to become the main plot.


Chapter 67 – the rant

15 12 2008

But how will Clouds do any Christmas shopping when she’s not allowed out after school?

Music Tech recording seldom goes this smoothly in my experience, but when it does, it feels very rewarding.  Choosing the right mic for the task is a very important aspect of recording.  I prefer condenser mics over dynamics, myself.  They pick up a lot more.


I haven’t seen The Sarah Jane Adventures finale yet, but that’s what iPlayer is for, right?

I have, however, got into a new web series, called With the Angels.  It’s much more grounded in reality than LG15: the resistance, but so far it seems very intelligent and interesting, and the characters seem more “real”.  Whether I like it better than the awesome KateModern in the long run remains to be seen.

I’ve had a tiring day, and I’ve gotten quite annoyed with people over things that weren’t really anybody’s fault.  I’ve realised that I’m being a jerk (that’s the nice word for it).  That all stops now.  I’m going to be full of festive cheer tomorrow at school, I’ll make sure of it!  Some people are in need of cheering up.

Chapter 66 – the rant

14 12 2008

Bradley is tired, and so am I.  I had meant to get a much earlier night than this.


The LG15: the resistance season finale was awful.  They pay no regard to characterisation or continuity, and they apply a retcon that taints not only the entire series, but also all of lonelygirl15 since the gang went to Zavalla.  Ugh.

Fortunately, the Merlin season finale, in contrast, was thoroughly enjoyable.  Merlin has grown a lot as a character over the course of this series, and it really showed in this episode.

I’ve also seen the Heroes episode “The Eclipse Part 2”.  Hell of an episode.  Some of the characterisation was a bit odd, but that’s Heroes for ya.  The Haitian was awesome, as always, and the comic book store scene was pure genius.

Chapter 64 – the rant

8 12 2008

Evil cultists can be so inconsiderate!  Poor CloudsAreGatheringOverMe was only just growing in confidence and independence, and now look what those guys did!  Jerks.

To be honest, if I were Clouds, I’d rather stay indoors for a bit than have my heart torn out.  Not that the cultists have torn anyone’s heart out, but you get my point.  Thankfully, though, there’s hardly any violent crime where I live.

Incidentally, it gets dark around 4.00 pm at the moment.


Last Saturday’s Merlin was very good; in my opinion, it was one of the best episodes, but then, it was the second last episode.  I still have two more to see, though, because I still haven’t gotten around to seeing last week’s episode.  One thing I’ve noticed about the show is that, while the characters themselves develop over the course of the series, the plot never really seems to advance.  At the end of every episode, all the plotlines have been neatly resolved, and all has returned to normal, ready for next week.

LG15: the resistance is also approaching the end of its first series.  Episode 12 was both incredibly silly and remarkably epic.  There was also a familiar face that lonelygirl15 fans should be happy to see again.

There is another group of fans who have a similar reason to be in a good mood, having seen today’s episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures.  It’s good.  And again, the second last of the series.  I’m sensing a pattern here…

Current listening: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, “1812 Overture”.

Chapter 58 – the rant

24 11 2008

But what of the guitarist, Clouds?  Won’t he be perfect as well?

“Squee,” for the uninformed, represents the (stereo)typical fangirlish squeal.  In other words, Clouds thinks the lead actor and actress are hot.

You know, if Minutes 2 were a real movie, I bet it would be an instant success.  I mean, if Clouds is to be believed, it’s got action, it’s got a witty script, and it’s got eye candy of both genders.  Something for everyone!

And they could subtitle it “Midnight”, and then it would be called Minutes 2: Midnight.  No?  Never mind.

Have you noticed the tags under the story posts?  Normally I only use categories, but under each chapter, you will find tags relating to that chapter.  These exist within the story, and were added by the characters themselves.


Saturday’s Merlin was an unusually violent (though nonsensically bloodless) episode.  The storyline was pretty good, but I’m getting impatient regarding the overall plot, which seems to be going nowhere.

Saturday’s LG15: the resistance was much more promising in terms of plot movement.  Chapter 10 was fun and had some surprising twists, although some of the main characters are getting just a little annoying.

Today’s episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures was interesting, but Sarah Jane herself displayed some rather obvious stupidity.  It’s the first part of a time-paradoxy story, which seldom bodes well.

I’ve done some really stupid things myself lately – it’s probably best not to go into all the details, but alcohol has usually been involved – and it’s occurred to me that I am doing very little with my life.  I’m lazy.  I really need to sort myself out.  I’ve also realised that I’m the sort of person people take advantage of.  I’m sick of being funny, I’m sick of being “cute”, and I’m sick of being pushed around.  I’m told I give off “victim vibes”.  I don’t know why that might be, but it’s time I did something about it.

Chapter 55 – the rant

17 11 2008

With the kidnapping scare over, Clouds can focus on more mundane issues.  It’s such a relief to get these things sorted.

Of course, Clouds is counting her chickens before they hatch here.  It’s not enough to find musicians who are willing to be recorded – they need to know how to play the thing before you can actually complete your recording.


Today’s episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures was a particularly drama-based and emotional episode, with some unexpected (but welcome) familiar faces making an appearance.

Saturday’s Merlin was good.  The series is developing more of an ongoing plot.  Interestingly, over the past couple of episodes, the series has introduced a number of elements that are significant in the original King Arthur legend.

I had mixed feelings about Chapter 9 of LG15: the resistance.  I liked the twist near the start, and I like how they are involving fans in the story, but I found the episode quite confusing and the acting didn’t impress me.  I’m hoping it’ll make more sense in time.

Chapter 52 – the rant

11 11 2008

It’s not sensible to go out in the evening when you have school the following day, but some things need to be celebrated.

“Text” and “mail” are essentially the same thing in this setting.  Whichever word the characters use is up to them.


Yesterday’s episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures was a strange one.  There’s a lot going on in this latest story.

Today is November the 11th, a day for remembrance.  Ninety years ago, the armistice treaty was signed, bringing an end to a conflict that had lasted for more than 3 years.

I’ve been fortunate in that no-one I know has died in a war.  I had a great uncle who was a pilot who was shot down in the Second World War, but that was before even my parents were born, and my grandfather won’t talk about it.  So when there’s a Remembrance Day, I can’t remember any specific person or people.  Instead, for me, Remembrance Day is a day for thinking about war in general, and the people who sacrificed their lives what they believed was right, many of whom I probably owe my freedom to.

I dislike fighting.  I think the world would be a much better place if nobody ever attacked anybody.  Of course, the circumstances behind war are usually much more complicated than that.  It all makes me feel very sad.

So today, I remember the people I have never met; the men and women who fought because they wanted to protect their country, or because they wanted to defend other people, or because they were trying to uphold some principle or other, or because they wanted honour and adventure, or just because they had no other choice; the people who died because of “the old lie”; the people who laid down their lives in the name of justice and freedom.