About me + Disclaimers


Five things you probably don’t actually want to know about me

1.  My name is Bobby G.  The “G” stands for “Gee” “G-Force”.  I’m signed up as b0bbyg (with a nought) because my ideal name was taken.  Observant readers of this blog and people who know me personally will know that my real name, Bobby G being my alter-ego.

2.  This is my Media Studies blog.  It was created as a school project and is maintained partly for my own benefit and partly in the hope that other A-level Media Studies students might find it useful.  As one might expect from that, most of my blogging relates to media, hence the old tagline, “Blundering ever onwards through the darkest reaches of A-level media.”  Sometimes, I go a little off-topic, and I am proud to have authored the most posts tagged as “random drivel” on WordPress.com.  You don’t do that without perseverence and hard work.

I’ve now finished my media studies course, so the media studies aspect has taken a back seat.  I only have the vaguest of plans for where this is going to go from here, but it’s going to be fun finding out.

3.  I am a nerd.  Not a clever, genius-type übernerd, but a nerd nevertheless.  I tend to do rather a lot of school work, and I’m also socially awkward.  On the upside, at least I don’t play World of Warcraft.

4.  My computer hates me.  At least, it has a habit of packing up at unfortunate moments.  Consequently, when I blog, I’m often just a little ticked off at the time.

5.  I don’t like spam.  I do like pizza, however.


B0bbyG’s media studies blog is not any type of commercial venture.  I am not affiliated with the companies described here, and all copyrights and trademarks used are property of their legal owners; I’m not making any kind of claim to their rights.  My avatar and heading artwork are made by and copyright me, obviously, as is pretty much all the text on this blog, excluding where I’ve quoted someone else.  And yes, “ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US” and similar text comes from Zero Wing.

Also, I don’t work for WordPress or anything, obviously – I’m just using their blog, so I don’t take responsibility for any messed up thing on the blog that is the result of Wordpress.  Not that I’ve much experience of that kind of thing happening – WordPress.com is a very good blog host in my experience.

I made this partly with the hope that it would be useful to other people doing media studies, so I’d be honoured if people found it helpful.  However, it goes without saying that I would prefer it if people didn’t nick it and claim it as their own.

So, I hope you find this blog helpful.  If it isn’t helpful, I hope you’ll find it vaguely entertaining.  If it’s neither, why not wander off to watch the Ultimate Showdown or lonelygirl15 or something?  After all, the Internet is huge, and there have to be better things you could do with it than reading me droning on here.  Like kicking yourself in the head (which I don’t recommend, even if you are a skilled contortionist whose feet reach your head).  Gotta go – my pizza has arrived!


(This is not a legal disclaimer and has no bearing on, or authority over, Wordpress terms of use, international copyright law, the Geneva Convention, the Ten Commandments, local bylaws, the Law of Attraction, the laws of physics, etc.)


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