An update of sorts

27 06 2009


This is going to be a rather inadequate post, but I just wanted to let you guys know I haven’t forgotten about y’all.  I’ve been kinda busy lately; my exams are now done with (I don’t think I did very well), but I’ve been looking for a job, without success, and my sleep pattern is kinda whack, which is my fault.

Currently I’m working on getting a few things straightened out with my story; I’m also thinking of including some more serious posts here, possibly on a media studies theme, and generally spruce this place up a bit.

Thank you all for your patience and support.




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29 06 2009

Hey, G-Force, it’s great to see you, man! I don’t know if I have patience, but I surely will lend support if I can! Sorry about your sleep patterns 😦 and the lack of job hunting success 😦 and I hope you did better in your exams than you think you did.
It’s nice to know you haven’t forgotten us. Haven’t forgotten you, either: I emailed you! Do you look at Twitter?
I will look forward to your media studies posts, as well as the story (you really left us hanging, there! …I’m just saying!)
Do take care of yourself; that’s what’s important.

2 07 2009

Thanks, Muse! It’s great to hear from you, too.

Gah, I haven’t been checking my emails! I’m really sorry, that was really rude of me.

Twitter, I’m afraid, is one of many websites that I signed up for in a burst of enthusiasm and have hardly looked at since, but I probably should make better use of it.

I’ll upload another chapter in a bit. Sorry to leave you hanging like that!

*scurries off to check emails*

2 07 2009

yay looks like you’re back? read your latest post up minutes ago! how’s the job hunting? as for the exams, i remember how sucky it felt when i didn’t do well. as long as you can get a place in uni with it, that’s the most important thing! you can start fresh there and work hard for good results.

3 07 2009

Hey, sulz! Yep, I seem to be back. 🙂 The job hunting isn’t going so well, but I’m going to keep trying. I’m not out of ideas yet.

Thank you for putting things into perspective for me about the exams. Now you mention it, I probably shouldn’t worry too much, since I’ve actually got an unconditional place at a university, just not the one I want, so if I don’t make the grade, it’s not the end of the world.

3 07 2009

now that i’m working, i really do understand what other working people used to tell me when i was a student – that exam results don’t matter! they really don’t… it’s good for the esteem, of course, if you do get great results, but ultimately what gets you a job is not your results but your attitude! 🙂

if all above fails, err… i think if you went to japan you can get a job as a ‘prince’ waiter at one of those cafes where japanese girls go to feel like princesses. :mrgreen:

3 07 2009

Well, in that case, I’d better buck up my attitude, because I must not be trying hard enough! Thanks for that, really. It is very encouraging. And who knows? My results might be better than I thought. I shouldn’t worry about them right now! 🙂

Heh heh, I’ve heard of those, but that would mean moving to Japan! Plus those cafés give me the creeps a little – it would feel just a tad too much like working in a host club… Oh, Japan! 😛

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