Chapter 124 – the rant

13 04 2009

Poet and you didn’t know it, Tom.

More details of the Dungeon are revealed.  Nothing really to add. ^_^


Saw Primeval Episode 16 yesterday.  Oh.  My.  Gosh. O_O;




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16 04 2009

Indeed! 😉
* * *
And I have 15 to go before I know why you said that! I did enjoy the first episode of PRIMEVAL. Very intriguing premise.

17 04 2009

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! It’s a fun show. 🙂

28 04 2009

B0bby? Where you be? 😕

30 04 2009

You know what? I don’t have a good explanation. I’m a complete jerk. I’ve just abandoned everyone.

I’m really sorry. The story has hit writers’ block, and what with revision and other activities, I’ve somehow just not found the time to blog. It’s not good enough, I know.

I’ll be back blogging again soon, I promise.

2 05 2009

Well, I’m tempted to just say “You are NOT a jerk, except for thinking you are a jerk.” …which is true, IMO, but there is something going around. I have not posted much lately, either, and there are several people I follow who are just not there. Spring Fever? Blog Flu? I dunno.
Anyway, your priorities are fine, and it must feel uncomfortable running out of chapters, particularly when you’re busy.
I’m just glad to know you are OK! Revise away, dude! 🙂

9 05 2009

heya bobby just dropping by to ask the same question muse asked… take your time, sounds like you need a break from blogging. 🙂

26 05 2009

Still missing ya, dude!

27 05 2009
The Totton linnet

Hello BobbyG are you O.K.? so sorry I haven’t been around either, I got my 1st poem for 6 months-we writers eh? 🙂 hope you are alright.

30 05 2009

Guys, I am so sorry. I don’t know how to explain this without sounding pathetic or just plain rude. I have 2 exams on Tuesday, and I can’t even begin to answer the practice questions, so I have no idea what I’m going to do about that. I’m really sorry I haven’t been following everyone’s blogs. I’m stuck with this story, so I’ve been reluctant to post until I’ve got something substantial, but I lost track of how long it’s been since I’ve been on WordPress, and I’ve just somehow lost track of things as a result.

I’ll start blogging again once I know what I’m doing with the story, I promise. In the meantime, it’s high time I headed over to your blogs to see how y’all are doing.

31 05 2009
The Totton linnet

Bobby relacks man, your exams are more important, we all know what that’s about 🙂 we’re supposed to be friends not your school misses. everything is cool

2 06 2009

Good luck on Tuesday. I’ll be thinking of you! Come back and tell us about your life when you can! 🙂

27 06 2009

Thanks guys. I’ll be blogging again soon, I promise.

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