Chapter 123 – Sunlight

11 04 2009


It was very sunny this morning. I went down to the lake again. Plenty of ducks, three swans, if you’re curious.

The man I mentioned in my last post was there again today. That’s the second time I’ve seen him there. He was sat on the bench with a notebook. He looked like he was sketching the lake. I wonder if he’s an artist?

Lately it’s been so bright and sunny. It’s really nice. It really feels like summer already. Much as I love the rain, nothing beats the warm sensation of sunlight on the skin. It’s the perfect weather for sitting outside and drinking in the sounds of nature.




One response

13 04 2009

It is nice to feel the first warm sun in the spring. Ducks and swans are nice. I think ducks are regal and swans; elegant.
I wonder who the man is. Maybe a neighbor? You sound less melancholy today. 🙂

honorineblanchard: Yes, I agree! I like the sun very much. That was a pleasant day. It’s been grey skied since then, sadly.

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