Chapter 122 – the rant

10 04 2009

Am I actually incapable of posting these at a sensible time?  No, I’m just rather rubbish at it.

Anyway, I think this should clear up a few more points.

Bradley’s illness is a natural consequence of being kept in such nasty conditions.  It is in no way influenced by how the author is feeling.


This has been a good week for TV, I think.  Saturday’s Primeval was pretty cool, and saw the team do battle with a gremlin in a creepy old house.

Then Monday’s Heroes was one of the best this season.  We found out who Rebel is!  I really wasn’t expecting it to be that person, but it’s awesome that it was!


Current listening: Duke Ellington, “Rumpus in Richmond”.




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11 04 2009

“rather rubbish at it.” —What a splendid turn of phrase! (Why mayn’t you post whenever you like?)
Interesting link you posted! 😀 You had me giggling at 2 in the morning; which is very inappropriate, as I ought to be in bed; and also, you are having me make light of untruth!!! What sort of moral influence are you? 😮 😛
OK, we have FINALLY gotten the very first PRIMEVAL over here, and I have recorded it. Thanks to you, I shall watch it. HEROES is getting really good again, isn’t it? (We’re a week ahead of you there, nyah, nyah!)
—Maturity; I (doesn’t) has it.— Ellington da bomb!
Hope you’re feeling better! 🙂

11 04 2009

My, you sound like you’re in a good mood!

Is it a splendid turn of phrase? It wouldn’t endear me to my English teachers! 🙂 I may post whenever I like, but I’m making myself tired!

I’m glad you found the link interesting, and I’m sorry if it was a bad moral influence! I hope I didn’t make you tired. TV Tropes is hazardous like that!

Yay for Primeval! I hope you enjoy it. I’d like to hear what you think of it.

You’re probably at least two weeks ahead of me with Heroes, actually, since I don’t get BBC3. But, I’ve just seen Doctor Who, so it all evens out.

Aye, Duke Ellington rules. Yes, I am feeling better, thank you!

15 06 2010
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