Chapter 122 – Sorry

10 04 2009


hi guys. as reported by johnny, we’re with the real research team 7 now. so, yay? i guess. i mean they’re nicer to us than kard was.

sakura’s been in contact with us. she and her family have had a hell of an adventure themselves, running from the network of allies in america. sakura’s dad was the one who stole the clef from footgood shoes, and the people at the network weren’t happy about that. i think i trust research team 7 now. well, trust isn’t the word. but they aren’t evil. they’ve been looking after sakura’s family, and they’ve been looking after mark and caitlin.

i’m still not happy about the kidnapping. it was kidnapping. and they haven’t been able to justify that. but you can tell they feel remorse for that, and looking back, they still treated us a hell of a lot better than the network of arms did.

i figure i owe you guys an apology. that last post, as you probably guessed, was a complete lie. sorry for lying to you guys.

i didn’t have any choice. kard would have killed me if i didn’t write it. i tried to put a hidden message in there so you’d know the truth.

kard is insane. tom is innocent. and i can’t imagine what it must have been like for him. since we got back, he’s been even less talkative than usual. i’m a little worried about him.

oh, and i seem to be coming down with a bit of a cold. bleh. don’t think it’s anything to worry about though.




One response

11 04 2009

No need to apologize! You wrote brilliantly; I think we all “got” it. I’m just glad you seem to be in a safer place now. Goodness, I wonder what’s been going on in California? Sorry you’ve been unwell. It’s quite understandable given all the stress. Do take care, as always.

bizzariarox: thank you! i tried, heh. 🙂 i don’t think i’m supposed to tell you any more about the incident in america than i already have. research team 7 haven’t exactly banned us from blogging, but they’ve made it clear they’d rather we didn’t. i can’t say i really blame them. i’m just impatient to get back home!

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