Chapter 120 – the rant

5 04 2009

Left it late again, but at least it’s the holidays.

That laser gun is the most science-fictiony thing that has appeared in the story.  Or at least, the most sci-fi.  I don’t think it’s particularly far-fetched, though.  I believe current technology doesn’t allow the construction of lasers powerful enough to use as handheld weapons.  Within the world of ‘The Experiment’, the technology exists; it’s just expensive.

I hope this chapter clears a few things up.  If not, worry not, for I intend to include a better explanation in a future chapter.

However, I have completely run out of chapters, so I’m going to have to get writing.




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9 04 2009

Ooooh! That does make more sense, about the guards. It’s such as strange place in there, though, that I would believe anything you told me. But, that’s your job, isn’t it, to make me believe? 😉
Sounds like you are doing a lot. Holidays over so soon? 😦 🙂

9 04 2009

Yeah, I did actually plan that out. It wasn’t random at all! 😉

I know it was bizarre, but I think it becomes slightly less so when you realise that the entire dungeon was set up for kard’s amusement. I hope I haven’t broken your suspension of disbelief!

We’re only six days into the holidays, and there’s another week to look forward to, so really I have nothing to complain about. 🙂

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