Chapter 119 – the rant

3 04 2009

I just barely managed to get this one posted on the day.  By about 20 seconds.


It’s now gone midnight.




3 responses

4 04 2009

In the nick o’ time!
Uh, B0bby, you’re story is getting kind of, you know, weird! You are leading us on a merry chase here, you! 😉
Go to bed! Oh, you must have done by now. 🙂

4 04 2009

oops, meant “your”. Drat. It IS late.

4 04 2009

Getting weird? 😉 Although I did warn you that I’d be trying something a little different this week. It doesn’t help that I’ve got Tom pointing out everything that doesn’t make sense.

Of course, it will make sense. Or at least, I hope it will. 🙂

If I’d still been up at the time you commented, Muse, I suspect I’d have fainted from exhaustion. 😯 Time zones, I know…

I hope you got some rest, too. Take care!

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