Chapter 119 – Friday

3 04 2009


The following account was written by the traitor, Tom Hogg, during his fifth day of punishment.


I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll ever get out of here. Is there even such thing as an exit in this place? It’s depressing to think that I might be eating flavourless food pills for the rest of my life.

Apart from anything else, it’s not healthy. No dietary fibre.

That’s right, there’s lunatics running around with guns and knives, and I’m worrying about nutrition.

You know, this place is so weird. There are cameras everywhere, but they plainly aren’t used, because all the security guards we’ve seen have just been wandering around aimlessly.

Also, the place is huge, but there doesn’t seem to be anything here. I mean, there’s endless maze-like corridors, and whole rooms full of nothing but empty boxes, but what possible reason could you have for building such a thing? And there are food pills here and there, and weapons, which are presumably for the guards’ benefit, but they’re the weirdest things. I mean, we found a frat paddle in a box back there. What possible use could a security guard have for a frat paddle? Actually, no, I don’t want to know.

And why the leopard? And the crocodile? And what was that shadow thing? None of this makes any sense!

The guard with the Winchester ’94 is dead. Stabbed, by the looks of it. Someone’s drawn an “m” on her forehead, just like that other guy.

Ilona went over to the body and said a short prayer asking God to guide the unfortunate guard’s soul. Then she closed both the corpse’s eyes and laid its arms by its sides. It was a very solemn moment. I’m not really religious myself, but I must confess I found that quite moving.

We found a row of cells similar to the one I woke up in a few days back. The key was in the lock, so we locked ourselves in. Maybe tonight we can both get some proper sleep.




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