Chapter 118 – Feeling Good

3 04 2009


Hi guys. i know it’s a while since i’ve blogged, sorry about that. Everyone’s been kinda stressed out, so we’ve been taking a break from blogging. Lately we’ve all been through a lot, so i think a blogging break is probably for the best. Posting our every action online only gets us into trouble, anyway. Kard has been looking out for us. And she’s Really kind. Do you know, I think it’s so nice to have someone who’s genuinely concerned about our well being. Sort of makes me feel safe. I don’t know how we coped before we met her and the real research team seven. they’re good people. Not like tom. Stupid of us to trust someone like that. All that time, he was looking for an opportunity to betray us. None of us suspected a thing.

all the same, i don’t like what they’re doing to him. this dungon of death thing, i mean. it seems so… Extreme, i guess. i can tell kard doesn’t like it either, but i don’t think she has any say in the matter.

i still can’t quite believe it. TOM! a traitor! it’s so unexpected. I’m glad he’s somewhere where he can’t cause any more trouble, even if it is extreme.

So anyway, on a more cheerful note, I’m a lot happier here than i’ve been in weeks. Nobody’s tried to attack us here. Nobody’s tried to capture us. it’s a welcome change, i can tell you that. Of course, the only reason we are safe is because research team 7 are looking after us. Can’t believe how wrong we were about them. it was a colossal misunderstanding.

sakura, i saw your post. i’m really sorry i haven’t contacted you in a while. research team 7 are a bit cautious about phonecams. they reckon they’re not secure. Everything’s fine here, really, so sorry if i worried you. how are things in america? are you doing ok?

iaru, megan and johnny are all happy here as well. No more running means we have a chance to relax and enjoy ourselves. There’s nothing to be afraid of here.



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4 04 2009

Um…I hope…things are as well as you say. Do take care of each other. I’m fervently wishing that all four of you will be able to…continue to feel very safe. Don’t know what to think about Tom. Or any of this, really. Be well!?!

4 04 2009

funkyloon: Thanx for this Bradlers. I think I now understand things better.

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