Chapter 117 – Thursday

2 04 2009


The following account was written by the traitor, Tom Hogg, during his fourth day of punishment.


Good morning. If it is morning. My watch is missing, so I have no idea what time it is.

Ilona’s not up yet. She’s still sleeping peacefully. I haven’t slept at all, but I’m in no hurry to wake her. She must have been through hell.

She’s awake now. I think it’s time we got moving. We need to find more food, since we’re running out of food pills.

Ilona doesn’t know anything more about this place than I do, but she agrees with me – it’s probably designed to be inescapable. Still, if we got here somehow, there must be an exit, so we’re going to keep looking for it.

We found some more food pills, which should keep us going for a couple of days, but we’re still no closer to finding an exit. On the bright side, we haven’t met any more guards or murderers.

Now, THAT was scary. I’m not sure what the hell just happened.

There was a thing, like the one that attacked Megan at the farm. Like a living shadow. It was in the darkness. It charged towards us, and I called out to warn Ilona. She span around, pulling a machete out of her bag – I didn’t even know she had that – and swung it at the creature. It dodged sideways, and I shot it squarely between the eyes with the nail gun.

That wasn’t a deliberate aim. It was a total fluke.

Amazingly, the thing seemed more angry than hurt. It reared up like an animal, hissing furiously, then turned and sped off down a corridor.

It took us both a while to recover from the shock of that. I told Ilona that I’d seen something like that creature once before, but that just seemed to disturb her further.

We’ve been wandering around a bit more. There was a crocodile! I think it was dead, but we didn’t dare go near it, just to be on the safe side.

Ilona’s supposed to be keeping watch and I’m supposed to be sleeping, but I can’t sleep. I’ve got too much on my mind.

I asked Ilona about the burns on her arm. She said that she was attacked by a man with a welding torch, but she managed to fight him off. I guess it’s reassuring to know she can defend herself.

There’s blood on that machete.

I think she’s far too young to be placed in this kind of situation. I don’t think she can be any older than 20.

Holy crap! That was definitely a gunshot. Sounded like it was a long way away, but too close for comfort. There’s no way I’m getting any sleep at this rate!




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