Chapter 117 – the rant

2 04 2009

Ilona and Tom are quite wary of one another, as you might expect given what they’ve both been through.

Tom is writing this on the move over the course of a whole day, which is why his posts can seem confused and change the subject quite abruptly.

You know how crocodiles can lie in wait motionless?  That’s probably what this one was doing.




2 responses

4 04 2009

OMG, crocs! If I were them, I’m not sure I’d trust “found” food pills. But I don’t imagine they have much choice…

4 04 2009

Oh no, Crocs!? Predatory reptiles I can deal with, but that’s too much!

Aye, when the choice is between eating found food pills or going hungry for a week, I think most people would choose the food pills.

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