Chapter 116 – the rant

2 04 2009

Sakura’s back!

Before you ask, yes, “dastard” was the word I was aiming for.

It’s late, I’ve got another chapter to post this evening, and I haven’t finished tomorrow’s post.  Oh dear.




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4 04 2009

Yay, I like sakura. “dastard” as in “dastardly”. One doesn’t often see it used, though!
Oh dear. Well, it seems you got them done!

4 04 2009

Language is a funny thing, and words go in and out of fashion. You might have noticed that the characters in this story use the word “noxious” more frequently than would be statistically probable in the present day, too.

Just barely! The rate of posting will slow down again soon. This week has been a real challenge!

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