Chapter 112 – the rant

30 03 2009

Once again, kard has disabled comments.

This wasn’t always the first time Tom was to carry a nail driver.  In an earlier revision of Chapter 88, he used one as a weapon, but this was substituted for a rifle.

You may also note the return of food pills, although these ones aren’t chocolate flavoured.

I’m planning to update this fairly frequently this week, for the sake of realism.  However, I have a coursework deadline this week, so no promises.



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30 03 2009

chocolate – is that for me? 😛 study comes first, bobby! the readers will understand that, surely. 🙂

31 03 2009

Whoa, that one was scary! Mr/Ms kard sounds creepy. OMG, if Tom really is in her/his dungeon, then where are the teens? Aghjfsklfj!!!
Food pills! That’s where I got that space travel idea! I read a novel about food pills taking up less space in space, if you will, and got that mixed up with your novel. Sorry. 😳
Of course, do what you need to do scholastically. We shall wait. With great anticipation.

31 03 2009

@ sulz: Sure, if you want. They’re your food pills. *passes box of chocolate food pills to sulz*

Yep, study is crucial. But my music tech work can only be done in school using school equipment, which means it shouldn’t eat into my time at home – although it does mean that I have to devote all of my time in school to my music tech. Thank you for being understanding! 🙂

@ museditions: Was it really scary? The next few chapters are darker…

Ah, I can see why you might think that about the food pills. But food pills were really included because sulz and gentledove said they were a good idea!

Thank you for your patience. I will post another chapter today.

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