Chapter 111 – Regarding “kard”

27 03 2009

(AJ Rich)


Dear sir or madam,

It has come to my attention that an individual or organisation going by the name of “kard” has claimed responsibility for the recent attack on Cannock police station, and the disappearances of the “teenage runaways”: Bradley Turner, Iaru Coen, Megan Rodriguez and Johnny Patel. The blog post issuing this claim purports to be a message from Research Team Seven.

Know this: “kard” is not Research Team Seven, nor is “kard” an individual or organisation in any way associated with Research Team Seven. Furthermore, Research Team Seven is in no way connected to the attack on Cannock police station, and has no knowledge of the current whereabouts of the aforementioned runaways, nor of the current whereabouts of Tom Hogg.

We do not know who “kard” is. We have our suspicions. We do not take kindly to being impersonated, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that the perpetrators of the aforementioned attack will not go unpunished.

We strongly recommend that the police do not waste their time following false leads. Thank you for reading.

Sincerely, AJ Rich


Dear sir or madam,

Let me first establish a few points. You are not a member of Research Team Seven. Your actions have been despicable. We do not take kindly to being framed for such misdeeds.

While we have no proof as to your identity, we have some very strong suspicions. The name “kard” is not alien to us. We will find you, and you will know justice.

That is all.




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29 03 2009

I don’t care who you are; kard, rich, whatever. You’d just better not touch one hair on their heads! Seriously, these are good young people who just happened to have stumbled upon something, and the don’t deserve all this. Although it will make great stories for their grandchildren—assuming you let them live long enough to have some!

AJ Rich: You have my word, that we – that is to say, I, and the real Research Team Seven, do not want any harm to come to those people. It is most unfortunate that they were dragged into this mess, and we will do everything within our power to prevent kard from hurting them.

30 03 2009

Your word is all very well, I suppose, but what about that business in Ca—oh, I’d better not say where. But, when a couple of THEM went to another COUNTRY they were not treated well. Was that your Research Team? Or someone else posing as you?
AND, that “kard” person said they are taking a blogging break. Is that their own wish, or rather confinement without access?
I know I sound like a paranoid conspiracy nutcase; but, wouldn’t you if you only had the “teenagers” accounts to go on?
I’d just as soon you didn’t hurt kard, either, quite honestly. I mean, stopping him from hurting others is one thing, but I’m not at all sure what you mean by “you will know justice”.
What is “this mess”? Why can’t you just tell us? Sorry, but I’m frightened for these kids!

AJ Rich: You can say California. The incident there was entirely the fault of Research Team Seven. It was handled extremely badly, and the individuals responsible have been reprimanded. I realise that this is not acceptable. However, it is the truth.

We don’t yet know all the details relating to the activities of kard, but I find the reference to a “blogging break” highly suspicious. I am concerned that the “teenagers”, as you describe them, may be in great danger.

You are not paranoid. There are highly dangerous organisations at work. When we say that kard will know justice, we mean exactly that – justice. Please understand this: kard has claimed responsibility for an act of terrorism, as well as the disappearance of four individuals. Additionally, the name “kard” is one which we have previously encountered, as the alias of a violent criminal who is directly responsible for the deaths of numerous men and women within our organisation. It is our belief that, by posing as a member of Research Team Seven, kard is attempting to directly antagonise us. We do not wish to hurt anybody, and we very much hope that this is a dispute that may be resolved without violence.

There is a limit to how much I can say through such a public medium. Surely, you must understand that to reveal too much would be to compromise our security. But I am not a liar.

31 03 2009

Thank you. I appreciate what you have said. The person, kard, sounds much scarier and nastier than you do, so, if I have to choose to trust someone it will likely be you.

AJ Rich: Thank you. I am grateful.

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