Chapter 110 – the rant

25 03 2009

Just when things were starting to make sense.

Kard returns!  It’s certainly a while since anyone heard from him/her/it/them.  This is a sign of impending weirdness in the story.

In fact, I’m going to be trying something a bit different in the next few posts.  Kard’s disabling of comments is only the beginning.




2 responses

26 03 2009

Nooooo!!! Not Tom!!! 😮
Aha! That Kard person—or ‘bot—is messing with our teenagers! What? How? Whose side is s/he/it on? (Oops, don’t read the prior penultimate word(s) as one.) 😳 😉
Anyway, I’m still wondering what all this has to do with space travel. I think.
I’m fascinated, I’m hooked, and you are one of the more original creative writers I’m reading. In years to come, I will get to say “I knew him when!” I hope you remember all us little friends when you are world famous. 😉

26 03 2009

Now, you know I can’t possibly answer any of those questions at this stage. Haha, that’s not a very nice word to describe someone you’ve barely heard of! 😆

I’m not really sure where you got space travel from, since I don’t remember saying anything about that. I’m sorry if the lack of space travel as a major plot point is a disappointment. 😦

And then you compliment me like that! Thank you very much! 😀 I can assure you now: I will never become so famous that I forget you guys. 😉

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