Omake 1 – Characters

23 03 2009

This is a list of some of the most important characters in the story.  Some minor spoilers follow.  This page is liable to be updated from time to time as different characters become more important.

Johnny Patel (johnny07) is a geeky Hercynian teenager and a pupil at Alexandra Lane School. Johnny is a history enthusiast and a hardworking school student. He is also a fan of classic rock, a video gamer, and a loyal fan of the local baseball team, the Halberdiers. Johnny is kind hearted and likes to help other people, but he is also prone to rash decisions. While he is generally relaxed, he has a tendency to overreact if pushed too far, and his sheltered upbringing means that he does not adapt well to unfamiliar situations. He also tends to fixate on specific issues to a level that often borders on obsession, which, when combined with his academic and non-mainstream interests, leads to him frequently being labelled an “otak” (Hercynian slang meaning “geek”).

Bradley Turner (bizzariarox) is a Hercynian teenage girl (her name is gender neutral, not masculine) and a pupil at Alexandra Lane School. Bradley is a very caring person who often goes out of her way to look after people who she perceives to be vulnerable or upset. Bradley is a huge music fan, who maintains a collection of “hard format” albums. She is a talented singer. She also enjoys sport and soap operas. Bradley tends to wear clothes that are associated with a slightly infamous youth subculture called “nettla”, in contrast to many of her friends. Making Bradley angry is emphatically not recommended.

Megan Rodriguez (CloudsAreGatheringOverMe) is a Hyperborean teenager who recently moved to Hercynia and attends Alexandra Lane School there. Megan is extremely shy and vulnerable, but attempts to compensate for this by projecting a cheerful, friendly personality when around other people. Megan has a fondness for dark clothes, but has recently made some attempts at presenting an image that’s more in line with mainstream fashion. Megan is also a writer, with ambitions of becoming an author. Megan is a very thoughtful person, but this means that she worries a lot more than she normally lets on.

Iaru Coen (Iaru01) is a Hercynian teenager and pupil at Alexandra Lane School, in the year above Johnny, Bradley and Megan. Iaru is somewhat quiet and sometimes comes across as rather antisocial, but in reality, he just likes to keep his thoughts to himself and not open his mouth when it’s not necessary. Iaru works at a warehouse in the South Dock. He is a skilled martial artist and fencer, and a decent footballer. He can be irritable at times, but is caring and honest.

Sakura Kim (funkyloon) is a Hercynian teenager who recently moved to Eiriendor City in California. Sakura is a close friend of Bradley, and they remain in contact with one another. Sakura can be slightly immature and childish, but she is not stupid. She cares a lot about her friends, and misses them immensely.

Tom is a Gloucestershire farmer. He lives with his sister Caitlin and his brother Mark. Tom is very practical and intelligent. He can be quite gruff, but he has a big heart.

kard is a shadowy and ominous figure, who is in some way connected to the even more mysterious Sapiens.

ianmalcolm is the author of a rather bizarre blog post, “i’ll See You Later, k?”. His relationship with the mysterious Sapiens is unknown.

Renard is an individual who intercepted various transmissions and placed them on the Internet. Little is known about him.

honorineblanchard is a blogger who likes to watch swans on a lake. She is quiet and introverted, and her brother worries about her.

AJ Rich is the name used by the author of a website purporting to be written on behalf of Research Team Seven. The name is actually derived from Johnny’s nickname for Cardinal Richelieu; the true identity of AJ Rich is unknown.




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24 03 2009

thanks for this, always useful to refer to. 🙂 patel, isn’t that an indian surname? he is definitely geeky – otak means ‘brain’ in malay, after all. 😉

i feel like i’m megan. 😛 and i think bradley’s nickname is misspelt?

24 03 2009

You’re welcome; I hoped it would be useful. 🙂 Yes, “Patel” is Indian in origin, but it’s also one of the most common English surnames.

I promise, Megan is not based on any real person! Except, I suppose, in some regards myself.

Well spotted about Bradley’s nickname. That’s a symptom of me being tired when I uploaded it. ^_^; I forgot Megan’s surname, too. I’ll fix that now. Thanks for pointing that out! 🙂

25 03 2009

I’m curious: Did you write the character sketches before you started writing the story? Or did they evolve as you went along?
You are putting these on a page? That will be useful to me, as a reader, to help follow the story; thank you! 🙂
There was one character on the list I’d almost forgotten about, as it’s been sooo long since s/he appeared. I like honorine, but I certainly wonder about her!

25 03 2009

I wrote outlines of the characters before I started writing the story, but they are spoileriffic. These are new. And some of them have changed over time.

Yes, these will go on a page shortly. You’re very welcome; I hoped you would find it useful.

Several of those characters haven’t been around for a while, but rest assured, they haven’t been forgotten. I’m glad you like Honorine. I was trying something a bit different with her character, and mostly, I think I’m pleased with how that’s turned out.

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