Chapter 108 – the rant

19 03 2009

I like water.

Water spiders don’t actually skate on the surface of water as such, but pond skaters, which are called “water spiders” in some languages, do.  Isn’t surface tension cool?


I found out today that I have 3 weeks to finish all my music tech coursework.  Three weeks.  I feel like I’ve barely started.  It’s ridiculous!

OK, calm.  Deep breath.  Phew.

Anyway, it’s spring here now.  Bright and sunny.  Yay.




2 responses

20 03 2009

I got to be an LOL conspiracy theorist in the last chapter! W00t! What fun.
Water is lovely. Surface tension is all there is. {deep}
Three weeks! What can we do to encourage you? “Go, B0bby, Go!” —Does that help?
Yay Spring!

21 03 2009

Heh, yes you did get to be a conspiracy theorist. I hoped you wouldn’t mind! 🙂

Very true about water. And of course, water itself can be “deep”, can’t it? In a very literal sense. 😉

I think my sheer panic is probably sufficient encouragement, but thank you for the cheerleading!

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