Chapter 107 – Runaway Hercynian teenagers arrested

17 03 2009

(Hercynia Report news blog)

Police in Staffordshire arrested the four Hercynian youths popularly known as the “teenage runaways” at 6:00 this afternoon.

Iaru Coen (19), Bradley Turner (17), Johnny Patel (17) and Megan Rodriguez (16) were found outside the town of Cannock. Their arrest marks a crucial development in one of the most controversial criminal investigations of recent years.

The four are believed to have been travelling in the company of an adult male individual who has yet to be identified. Police are still searching for him.




4 responses

18 03 2009

Hey! I’m friends with these people! The police had better treat them well. There’s more going on than you newshounds will report.
You’ll never find ME!

19 03 2009

nettlanutter24: lol conspiracy theorist much?

19 03 2009

Newsjunkie643: They’ll get off lightly, mark my words. Kids get away with anything nowadays.

19 03 2009

Bloginformed08: This entire investigation has been handled very badly. It’s disgraceful that it took them this long to catch a bunch of teenagers. And naming them all as fugitives was just appalling practice. Obviously, if they’ve committed the crimes they’re accused of, they deserve to be caught, but where’s the evidence?

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