Chapter 106 – What’s the Truth?

13 03 2009


I can’t sleep.  I can’t stop thinking about what that Research Team Seven woman said.

We’ve been on the run for nearly eleven weeks now. Somehow, it feels even longer. I find myself constantly wishing I was back home, living my normal life again. I miss, well, everything. Especially my mum and dad. And my house. And my bed. I even miss school.

You know, being a wanted fugitive really gets to you after a while. Every second, I’m expecting to hear the sound of police sirens. Or else feel a gun against the back of my head. Or worse.

The side of my face itches, and it just doesn’t stop.

Also, every time we’ve risked going out where there are people, I’m terrified someone will recognise us. In Y Fenni, someone did. But here’s the thing – they didn’t capture us, or kill us, or hand us over to the police. Instead, they offered to protect us.

I get what Bradley’s saying. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to trust Research Team Seven, especially not given their track record. But what that woman said… well, it did make some sense. It sounded wildly improbable, I’ll grant you, but if it was a made-up story, it was an unnecessarily elaborate one.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I don’t think we should be too hasty in dismissing what they have to say when, if they are telling the truth, it looks like they’re our fastest ticket out of this mess.

But then, maybe I’m just desperate. Maybe that’s exactly what they hoped I’d say. Gah, it’s so confusing!




One response

16 03 2009

I’m sorry your face injury is still bothering you, and it must be sad being away from your family and the life you knew. If there were only a safe way to work with these research people! It does seem if they wanted you dead or captured, they could have accomplished that by now. Perhaps that kidnapping business in Calif. was a panicked reaction? No excuse, but we’ve all made mistakes when under stress…

CloudsAreGatheringOverMe: Thanks, Muse. I agree, if they want to catch us, why haven’t they caught us already? It’s all too easy to pass judgement on people without taking into account that there could be mitigating circumstances.

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