Chapter 105 – Alright

10 03 2009


just posting to let you guys know we’re all ok. i would have posted sooner, but, well, a lot has been happening of late, and for a while we couldn’t get a signal, and we’ve all kinda had a lot on our minds.

on friday, at the time specified by the box we found in steamburg, iaru and me went to the meeting place specified by research team seven. what they didn’t know was, tom was also present, in a fairly convincing disguise (megan’s design), and keeping us within his line of sight at all times.

it wasn’t aj rich who greeted us, but a woman who asked if we’d come alone, and once we’d established that we had, she explained that she had come alone and unarmed so that we wouldn’t feel threatened. we explained to her that we had not come unarmed, and that tom was in fact positioned behind a fence with a rifle to hand in case she tried anything unexpected. she said that she wasn’t particularly surprised, and asked tom to show himself. we weren’t really expecting that response, so tom came out from where he was hiding.

and so, we demanded the truth. we asked her who were research team seven, why they tried to kidnap me and sakura’s family, and what they wanted the clef for. she said she’d tell us everything – providing we didn’t put it online. so we’re respecting that for now.

but then she started to talk garbage about stopping some evil conspiracy involving some network of something or other and footgood shoes. it made no sense. we told her we’d heard enough, and we left.

she asked us to at least think about the team’s offer. frankly, i don’t want to consider it until they start telling us the truth. and i don’t mean this bollocks about conspiracies and saving the world, i mean the actual truth. we’ve been debating it, which is more than it deserves, but we are not going to listen until rt7 start being honest with us.




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10 03 2009

Seems they’re being cautious with you. But still, it’s a bit frustrating to not know what’s really going on. I wonder if that clef thing really is a device that can bring good and change to this gloomy world. Perhaps you ought to give a fair hearing.
But then, there really is no good explanation for kidnapping you.
Glad you are alright!

bizzariarox: if their intentions are good, they’ve got no reason to be cautious. i want to believe that the clef is a force for good, but they’ve not given us any proof of that. and like you say, there’s no good explanation for kidnapping. we gave them one chance to explain themselves, and they explained nothing. i’m starting to lose patience with them.

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