Chapter 104 – Too Dangerous

4 03 2009


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I am not happy about this. Not happy at all.

Tom decided to meet with AJ Rich by himself. Reasoning being, he’s the only one of us who hasn’t been named as a wanted criminal, so he’s the least at risk

Of course, I wasn’t going to let that happen. I volunteered to go with him for backup. Problem being, Bradley then wanted to come with us, and then Johnny wanted us all to go, and Megan said that maybe none of us should go, but that if we were all going there was no way she was minding the clef by herself… *headache*

These people are dangerous. However we deal with them, we’ll be putting ourselves at risk. If it’s a trap, and me, Bradley, Megan or Johnny goes, then we could end up being arrested. If it’s a trap and Tom goes, he could end up being taken as a hostage. If it’s a trap and all of us go, then they’ve got us, and Research team 7 will get the clef & we’ll all go to prison. And if none of us goes, then we’re back where we started, and none the wiser about anything.

I think we’ve worked out the best course of action. Just hope it works, because if it doesn’t, who knows what could happen?




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6 03 2009
The Totton Linnet


Iaru01: Yeah, it didn’t go quite as planned.

10 03 2009

Oh, gosh. I would think you ALL oughtn’t to go…someone’s got to be able to get away in case things go wrong. At least that person could then blab to the media, if nothing else!

Iaru01: Point. But I don’t know how much attention the media would pay to anything we said, given the whole criminals thing.

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