Chapter 113 – the rant

31 03 2009

This… is probably the nastiest chapter I have written so far.  I hope it’s not gratuitous.

It also contains proof that a certain old plotline has not been forgotten.


Primeval is back on our TV screens, which I think is great news.  Series 3 opened with an unusual episode based around Ancient Egyptian mythology, with a giant crocodile rampaging around the British Museum.

What I love about Primeval is that, much like Doctor Who, it’s delightfully silly.  The drama and the storyline are good, but they have a sense of humour, which makes them all the more entertaining.  Lester in particular is a brilliant character.  And Rex is adorable.

I liked the new character.  I expect we’ll be seeing her again in future episodes; I certainly hope so.


Chapter 113 – Tuesday

31 03 2009


The following account was written by the traitor, Tom Hogg, during his second day of punishment.


Bloody hell. Woke up to the sound of buzzing and yells. Looked out from behind the crates, and there’s a security guard armed with an ordinary carving fork, trying to fend off a lunatic wielding a string trimmer.

I can’t watch. A string trimmer does horrible things to human skin.

The buzzing has stopped. So has the yelling. Looked up. From the looks of it, the nutter has knocked out the guard with the string trimmer and stabbed him with his own fork. He hasn’t seen me. He’s crouching over the guard’s head. I can’t see what he’s doing.

I think he heard me typing just now. He stopped and looked around, like he was listening. Luckily, at that moment, another guard burst in carrying an old Winchester ’94 rifle and chased the madman off.

It was a while before I dared move. I went and examined the body. Some of the fingers on his right hand have been shredded by the string trimmer. There’s an “m” drawn on his forehead in marker pen. Some kind of cult thing?

Whatever. I am so out of here.

Chapter 112 – the rant

30 03 2009

Once again, kard has disabled comments.

This wasn’t always the first time Tom was to carry a nail driver.  In an earlier revision of Chapter 88, he used one as a weapon, but this was substituted for a rifle.

You may also note the return of food pills, although these ones aren’t chocolate flavoured.

I’m planning to update this fairly frequently this week, for the sake of realism.  However, I have a coursework deadline this week, so no promises.

Chapter 112 – Monday

30 03 2009


There are certain organisations who seek to bring us down. They do this because they believe us to be a threat to their own odious goals. They are quite correct.

To this end, they have maligned us. They have posed as us and perpetrated unlawful actions in our name. Now they have announced their intentions to directly attack and destroy us.

We are prepared. Strike out at us, and we shall strike back with a fury so terrible you shall wish you had never been born.

We have captured an enemy of our organisation, and we intend to make an example of him. Let his fate be a warning to you all.

The Dungeon of Death is reserved for those individuals who are both irredeemable and a significant threat to Research Team Seven. Such individuals are placed in the Dungeon, along with an assortment of criminals and death traps. We have persuaded an enemy in the Dungeon to write a log of the experience.

The following account was written by the traitor, Tom Hogg, during his first day of punishment.


Woke up feeling very groggy, with a noxious taste in my mouth. I’m in a square-walled, grey room. The walls and floor are concrete, apart from the back wall, which is metal. There’s nothing in here but a door, a camera, and a box, where I found a small backpack containing this computer, a note, a food pill (flavourless) and a bread knife. The note says to find my way out if I can, and that I should write to keep you guys updated. This is weird. I’m going to try the door.

For some reason, the door was locked from the inside, and the key was on the wall. So naturally, I unlocked the door. It leads out into a concrete corridor.

I’ve had a look around. There are doors leading off the corridor. Some of them are locked, but others lead into rooms identical to the one I was just in. It looks like some kind of prison, but if so, it’s the least secure prison I’ve ever seen.

Jesus. There is a DEAD GUY in one of the rooms. What the hell is this?

There’s a camera on the wall. Why the hell hasn’t anyone been sent?

From the looks of it, somebody slit his throat. I don’t like this at all. I’m getting the hell out of here.

Been wandering around for a while now. This place is a maze. Cameras everywhere, but I haven’t met anybody, although I did find a dead LEOPARD in one room. I feel like I’m being toyed with. Not convinced there even IS an exit.

Now and then I’ve stumbled across boxes like the one in the room where I woke up. Some of them were empty, but some had food pills in them. One of them contained a nail driver, with three nails, but with the safety guard removed. I decided it would probably be a darn sight more useful than a bread knife if I get attacked, so I took it with me.

I have no idea what time it is. I think I’m underground. I found a place to rest behind some stacked crates. I’ll try to figure out how to get out of here tomorrow.

Chapter 111 – the rant

27 03 2009

Is that a threat, Richie-boy?

I realise, all these different mysterious bloggers and factions will quickly become just as confusing as the ridiculous number of minor characters in the early chapters, but at least they’re plot significant.

Of course, the real Cardinal Richelieu had evil psychic powers, so he’d be unambiguously a bad guy.  Or not.  Did you know, he was suspected of poisoning the king, even though the king fell ill after Richelieu’s death?

…Good grief.  I really am like Johnny, aren’t I?

Current listening: Porcupine Tree, “The Sky Moves Sideways Phase 1”

Chapter 111 – Regarding “kard”

27 03 2009

(AJ Rich)


Dear sir or madam,

It has come to my attention that an individual or organisation going by the name of “kard” has claimed responsibility for the recent attack on Cannock police station, and the disappearances of the “teenage runaways”: Bradley Turner, Iaru Coen, Megan Rodriguez and Johnny Patel. The blog post issuing this claim purports to be a message from Research Team Seven.

Know this: “kard” is not Research Team Seven, nor is “kard” an individual or organisation in any way associated with Research Team Seven. Furthermore, Research Team Seven is in no way connected to the attack on Cannock police station, and has no knowledge of the current whereabouts of the aforementioned runaways, nor of the current whereabouts of Tom Hogg.

We do not know who “kard” is. We have our suspicions. We do not take kindly to being impersonated, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that the perpetrators of the aforementioned attack will not go unpunished.

We strongly recommend that the police do not waste their time following false leads. Thank you for reading.

Sincerely, AJ Rich


Dear sir or madam,

Let me first establish a few points. You are not a member of Research Team Seven. Your actions have been despicable. We do not take kindly to being framed for such misdeeds.

While we have no proof as to your identity, we have some very strong suspicions. The name “kard” is not alien to us. We will find you, and you will know justice.

That is all.

Chapter 110 – the rant

25 03 2009

Just when things were starting to make sense.

Kard returns!  It’s certainly a while since anyone heard from him/her/it/them.  This is a sign of impending weirdness in the story.

In fact, I’m going to be trying something a bit different in the next few posts.  Kard’s disabling of comments is only the beginning.