Chapter 103 – Someone’s been reading my older posts…

27 02 2009


The other day, someone left a comment on Bradley’s blog using the name AJ Rich. That same person also wrote a great long blog post about how Research Team 7 are good people really and how they want to be given a chance.

That can’t be a coincidence. I used the name “AJ Rich” in my first ever blog as a nickname for Cardinal Richelieu, 1585 – 1642, chief minister to the French king Louis XIII. An odd choice, since he’s one of history’s classic “bad guys”.

In my post, I suggested that he was a real-life Machiavellian, who did bad things for the good of France. Is that what Research Team 7 does? Kidnaps people for the greater good? Are they actually trying to justify that??

Oddly, though – and I may just be being incredibly naive here – I can’t help but wonder, what if they really do have good intentions? It’s possible to read that post as expressing a desire to make amends for past misdeeds, and they do sound genuinely apologetic. And as phrased in their blog, the offer sounds undeniably good – providing it’s not a trick.

Bradley keeps saying we should find a way of investigating them without being seen, but if they’re dangerous, that might not be such a good plan. If they caught us sneaking around or spying on them, who knows what they’d do? And I find it hard to imagine they wouldn’t have some kind of surveillance system in place.

At the moment, I’m actually inclined to go and meet them and hear what they have to say. That could be the stupidest suggestion in the world. But all the same, we can’t just do nothing. And dam’t, I’m curious about what this clef actually does!

In other news, it’s cold and it won’t stop raining. Nobody is in a very good mood right now.




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28 02 2009

I dunno—I keep telling you guys to be careful, but what does that really entail? Obviously you are not going to be willfully headstrong and obdurate, so telling you to “be careful” is pretty useless. Your situation, if possible, is getting even more mysterious. Keep in mind that you have something they want. And, at least so far, they have not taken it by force, although it seems they could have, as they are able to keep an eye on you. They have such resources that plans like “meet in a neutral location; come alone” might not work if they take your spokesperson hostage, or something. What does Tom think you should do?

johnny07: Well, we’ve certainly been doing our best to stay out of trouble up until now. I’ve just got this weird feeling, like maybe Research Team 7 have the answers to some of the mysteries that have been plaguing us since I found this stupid clef. And, well, they haven’t taken it, or attacked us. I remember in that warehouse in Y Fenni. It was terrifying. We were hiding behind a pallet rack. There is absolutely no way they couldn’t have found us if they’d wanted to. But instead they left us a message and left. Why would they do that, unless they wanted to be trusted?

Tom has suggested that he could confront AJ Rich directly on his own, because he’s the least vulnerable and isn’t wanted by the police (yet). I’m just not sure we can let him do that. What if it’s a trap?

4 03 2009
The Totton linnet

Could be the ol’ good cop/bad cop routine i.e they are the same people

johnny07: I’m sure they’re the same. But it’s more than good cop/bad cop, it’s more like they’ve done a complete 180. Weird.

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