Chapter 102 – To Bradley Turner

25 02 2009

(AJ Rich)

Dear Miss Turner,

I am writing on behalf of Research Team Seven. I read your latest blog post, and I understand that you don’t trust us. Under the circumstances, I would be astonished if you did. What was done to you and your friends in Eiriendor City was unacceptable. We are aware of this, and we are very sorry. I realise that no apology can make up for the way in which you were treated.

I will not lie to you. Yes, we want the clef. It was originally the property of individuals associated with Research Team Seven. It was lost, and right now, we need it. I can’t say why here, but I will explain further if you choose to accept our offer. Know this: that we mean you no harm, that our intentions are both legal and benevolent, and that there is more at stake here than you can possibly have guessed. I do not deny that some of the actions which have, in the past, been committed in the name of our cause have been questionable or downright reprehensible, but they were done with the best of intentions. It is no exaggeration to say that human lives depend upon our success.

As it stands, you are in grave danger, not from Research Team Seven, but from a number of other organisations which are also interested in the clef, for various reasons of their own, many of them highly unethical. You have been grievously wronged. You have been threatened, falsely accused, and pursued by hellish abominations.

We at Research Team Seven can offer you protection from all of these things. All we ask in return is the clef, which is of no use to you, but of vital importance to our goals.

Our offer includes shelter, beds, and food. If you accept our offer, you will not be kept as prisoners. You will be free to leave at any time, should you so choose. The offer extends not only to you and your fellow fugitives, but also to the farmers who helped you, should they become threatened.

We are not “the bad guys”, however it may presently appear. Please allow us this chance to correct our mistakes, and make up for the suffering we have caused you. We do not ask for your trust, but we very much desire the opportunity to earn it.

We await your decision at the time and place previously specified.




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28 02 2009

Hey, Braders, I checked your blog today to see how you all were, and found the letter from…AJRich? RT7? Who are these guys? We are all very curious, of course, but more concerned about your safety. Beware of thugs offering “protection”—but what if they’re not thugs? I think, at some point, you are going to have to find out what’s going on; you can run forever; but do be careful. (I know, I keep saying that.)

28 02 2009

Oops, I meant “can’t run forever” …but, maybe you can. 😕

1 03 2009

bizzariarox: no, you’re right, i can’t run forever. sooner or later we’ll be caught. we’ve had far too many close shaves already.

here’s the thing: the last time i saw research team 7, they weren’t exactly thuggish. that was the weird thing. they were so polite it was unnerving. i think tom’s planning to find out what rt7 are really up to. i just hope he knows what he’s doing.

4 03 2009
The Totton linnet

Of course if you have an eye-ball with these people and you don’t take the clef, that’s a hold you have on them. You don’t all have to meet, designate someone [clouds eg] to hide said clef and only she knows where it is then you go for a meet making it clear that you don’t know where the clef is, so holding on to you or even torturing you won’t do them any good. That’s what I would do.

4 03 2009

bizzariarox: that’s a smart strategy, but even then, what if they decided to make those of us who did go along hostages? there doesn’t seem to be an obvious way around this.

6 03 2009
The Totton Linnet

If they don’t let you go by a specified time, then the clef will be sent to Jeremy Paxwallah the newsman

AJ Rich: Please, take us seriously. Whatever you do, DO NOT give the clef to a third party.

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