Chapter 101 – Apologize

23 02 2009


research team 7. the bad guys. why am i not surprised?

you say that you’re sorry for the “incident” in america. you claim that it was a mistake, that it was poorly executed, that the individuals responsible were out of order, and that their actions do not represent your organisation as a whole.

well, i’ve got my own message for you, research team 7. not. good. enough.

you kidnapped me. me and sakura and her family. you transported us all the way across america in the darkness. you kept us locked up. if you think a few meaningless words on the side of a plastic box constitutes an apology, after everything you did, you are very sadly mistaken.

we haven’t made up our minds with regards to your offer. we don’t trust you. i hope you can understand that. but i want you to know that i despise you.

if you come after us again, i’m not running. if you even think about double crossing us, i will hurt you. and if you hurt any of my friends, you will find yourselves in more pain than you could possibly imagine.




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25 02 2009

Wow, you sound pretty angry. I can certainly understand that, after what you’ve been through. Still, you all must be curious what these people are up to. If there were only a way to find out, without putting yourselves at risk…

bizarriarox: i am very angry because they kidnapped me. of course that doesn’t mean i’m not curious. oh, if only there WERE a way to find out without putting ourselves at risk! actually, that’s not a bad idea at all, now you mention it… thank you! i’ll need to give this some thought.

25 02 2009

AJ Rich: I understand why you don’t trust us, but please at least consider our offer. We are not your enemies.

bizarriarox: it’s one thing saying that, i don’t even know who the hell you are.

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