Chapter 99 – the rant

19 02 2009

The mysterious Ms. Blanchard writes again.

I’ll probably not be online for the next couple of days (maybe tomorrow morning, but not after that) since I’ll be around a friend’s house. Consequently, there’ll be a delay in the story, so now you know why.


I’ve just been visiting the University of Aberystwyth.  It seems pretty cool.  The course there looks to be an interesting mix of English and Creative Writing modules, which sounds like a good idea, since I’d imagine the two go well together.



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19 02 2009

See, that’s what happens when they let you students run free. A lag in the story!!! 😦
Nah, just pulling your leg; you’ve been working hard and deserve some fun.
Aberystwyth’s coursework sounds just right! If it were me, the first thing I’d need to do would be to learn how to pronounce Aberystwyth. 😉

19 02 2009

how do you pronounce the name of that university??

19 02 2009

@ museditions: I’m sorry! Thank you; I will interpret that as approval. 🙂

It does sound like the perfect course, doesn’t it? It won’t give me quite so much freedom as Trinity College’s course would, but I think whether that’s a good or bad thing depends on what I’m after from the course. I’m not sure.

You can just say “Aber” if it’s easier. Lots of people do!

@ sulz: If you’re English, you say it how it looks: “Ab-er-ist-with”.

I’m not certain how the Welsh say it, but I think it’s along the lines of “Ab-er-est-o-eth”, bearing in mind that “y” and “w” are both vowels in Welsh.

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