Chapter 98 – 15 Ferris Drive

17 02 2009


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Been puzzling over this code, and we’ve finally cracked it, thanks to museditions and quipu. Turns out it was binary. Replaced the little a-shapes with 0s and the w-shapes with 1s and got this:



Biggin Street

15 Ferris Drive

Looks like a backwards address. So now we’re debating what to do about it. All agreed that it’s the most obvious trap in the world BUT Tom has spoken to Mark, and he and Caitlin are OK for the moment, and there hasn’t been anything in the news about Tom or his brother and sister helping us, so whoever it is who left the card, they aren’t the police, and they haven’t reported Tom to them. Which is very suspicious, if you ask me. They obviously want to be trusted, but we already know they want the clef, since they made no secret of that fact. And we still don’t know what the clef does.



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17 02 2009
The Totton linnet

Hmm well I suppose if they were gonna kill you all they could have done it by now, looks like it’s in for a penny, in for a pound.

Iaru01: Good point. If they can track us down, they could easily kill us, and they haven’t. But then, they could by that reasoning have captured us, and they haven’t. Maybe they’re just a bit clueless.

19 02 2009

They might think you know how to decode the artifact or something. Maybe they are a secret spy organisation and they want you to work with them. OK, I’ve been reading too many spy novels. I’m just relieved that they seem to want to keep you alive for now.

Iaru01: If they think that, then they’re sorely mistaken, since they’ve just proven themselves much better at codes than we are! But the fact that they haven’t yet killed us is admittedly promising.

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