Swans in the Snow

14 02 2009

Winter Lake

Well, it’s a special day today.  That’s right… half term begins!  Not a moment too soon, either.

That party was OK, but to be honest, it was very disappointing.  I spent most of the time either looking after drunk people, looking for missing people who were off crying, or trying to talk people out of “everything sucks, everyone hates me, my life is meaningless” states.  Also, I’m now losing my voice, and I’ve kind of burnt out as far as doing schoolwork is concerned, so a break is very welcome indeed.

Anyway, I thought you might enjoy this picture I took a week ago.  I thought it was pretty.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody. 🙂

Current listening: Pendulum, “Tarantula (Pendulum vs Fresh feat: $pyda & Tenor Fly)”




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14 02 2009
The Totton linnet

I gotta say that is some pic, poor luvvies they look a bit forlorn, super landscape.

14 02 2009

oh i like the photo very much! a real treat in your blog. 😉

what a sucky time you sure had at the party! why were people crying and drowning in self-pity at a party?? as a kid i used to do that for attention – i didn’t think people older do that too? 😕 you didn’t lose your voice ‘cos you were comforting them, did you?? wonder how you sound like now…

happy v day to you too!

15 02 2009

@ GD: Thank you! I’m glad you like it. 🙂 Now that you mention it, they do look a little lonely. I wonder, do swans feel the cold?

@ sulz: Thanks, glad you like it! 🙂 I know, I don’t upload pictures very often.

Nah, the party wasn’t that bad, it just wasn’t fun like you expect a party to be. Not for me and my friends, anyway. It was complicated – people crying over exes, nasty rumours, all sorts – and they were drunk. I don’t know how used you are to drunk people, but alcohol amplifies emotions a bit.

I think my voice going is most likely a virus, though. I’m OK, just a bit hoarser sounding than usual.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

15 02 2009

Happy (belated) Valentine’s to you, B0bby!!!
So your voice going was not just from all those vocals for your music project then? I’d thought someone else was doing them, but I thought perhaps you sang too?
Your photo is gorgeous! I agree, what a lovely V’day treat! I wonder if the swans little feathery bellies are chilly, too. Is that what it really looked like around you? The trees, the snow, the water…just everything! Brilliant!

15 02 2009

Happy belated Valentine’s Day!

Well, that project probably contributed. Somebody else was doing them, but he bailed on me, so I had to record my own voice instead.

Why thank you, I’m glad you like it. 🙂 They’ve got feathers to keep them warm, but it was very cold all the same. Cold by English standards, anyway.

Yep, that’s what it really looked like. Snow makes everything look magical!

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