Chapter 97 – the rant

12 02 2009

That there’s a code, Bradlers.  Don’t worry guys, I promise this isn’t about to turn into Usborne Puzzle Adventures: Internet Edition (I loved those books as a kid!).


Sorry for the massive gap between posts.  That’s my fault for playing in the snow when I should have been doing history coursework.

Anyway, that’s in now, although it’s not the final draft.  I’ve also got the vocals recorded for Music Tech, although there’s a fair bit of editing that still needs doing.  My throat is now feeling kinda sore.

In the meantime, I’ve also been enjoying the snow a lot.  I love it!  It’s so cool!  Sadly, most of it has gone now.  Now it’s just very cold, and slippery underfoot, which isn’t so cool.  Some of my friends are changing their costumes for the Sixth Form party this evening, to make them more suitable for the weather.  Fortunately, my costume is practical and warm!  Although I guess it’s easier for guys to choose warm outfits, seeing as the fashion for girls’ costumes tends to bare a lot of skin.

Here’s hoping they don’t cancel the party again.

In other news, Meg, a year 12 student with a very unfortunate hairstyle, who is attending a Gloucestershire girls’ grammar school, is a very rude person.  I’m not normally a naming-and-shaming type person, but she deserves to be ashamed, and anyway, she’s unlikely to ever read this.  Anyway, she steals people’s chairs.  Seriously, my friend had gotten up to talk to a friend of his, and Meg came over and picked up his chair, even though there were a whole bunch of unoccupied chairs right behind her.  So another friend of mine, who was sitting next to where the guy who’d stood up had been sat, put her hand on the chair and said “No, that’s taken.”  So Meg yanks the chair out of her hand really aggressively, goes over and sits with her friends, and proceeds to bitch about us to her friends, and glares at us for the rest of lunch.





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12 02 2009

whoa, bobby’s mad! that’s unnecessarily rude and i can only think of one thing: meg likes you. :mrgreen:

13 02 2009
The Totton linnet

Nah she’s a Brit type we have just skangy

13 02 2009

@ sulz: You bet I was mad!

Erm, I doubt it somehow. And very much hope not, actually. Ick.

@ GD: Oh, you’ve met her? 🙂

15 02 2009

Meg sounds most unpleasant. Will she be at the party?
I’m sorry your throat is sore. 😦 But glad you are well on the way to getting your projects done. 🙂 We all should play in the snow when given the opportunity; nothing like it! Did you make a snow angel? 😀

15 02 2009

I certainly didn’t see Meg at the party, although that doesn’t mean she wasn’t there, since there were a lot of people there, and not everyone stayed from start to finish. I’ve probably been a bit too harsh about Meg. She’s maybe a nice person. Deep down.

Thank you. Yes, I’m relieved to have my coursework well underway. 🙂

I agree about the snow! 🙂 No, I didn’t make a snow angel (not sure why not), although I did make a snowman and help a couple of my friends attempt to build an igloo! “Attempt” being the operative word. 😉

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