Chapter 97 – How To Explain

12 02 2009


ok, i have some real explaining to do. you’re probably wondering why none of us blogged in a while? well, for a start we had trouble going online when we were camping in the forest; must be a bad signal or something. but after that, we’ve been trying to be secretive, because last time we clearly weren’t secretive enough.

put simply, research team 7 found us. or at least, someone very like research team 7 came very close.

we first noticed them when we were just leaving the forest. a couple of cars seemed to be following us surprisingly closely. they were driving kinda aggressively, and tom, who was driving, was getting pretty frustrated with them.

anyway, we managed to lose them – or so we thought – in y fenni, where we stopped. tom was going to find us somewhere to stay. we’d all forgotten about the aggressive drivers when johnny pointed out that some people appeared to be following us. he thought he recognised one of them as one of the drivers from before. so we doubled back, and sure enough, those guys were still following us. they were keeping their distance, and i think they thought we hadn’t noticed, until we decided to split into two groups and attempt to lose them. we quietly agreed we would meet up again outside the borough theatre, which we’d passed earlier, in a couple of hours time. then we split into two groups, with me and iaru going one direction and tom, megan and johnny going in another.

we headed for a crowd and tried to blend in, and after a bit, we were pretty sure nobody was following us anymore, so we turned and headed back to the theatre. then we waited for a good half hour or so. we were getting pretty worried when the others finally showed up, all looking kinda shaken, and explained what had happened. turned out they’d not been able to shake the guys following them, so they went down a side alley, legged it, and went and hid in an old warehouse. they’d hid in there a while, when the people who’d been following us turned up. they didn’t find them, but then one of them started talking loudly, addressing tom by his full name, saying that they knew who he was hiding, and that they could provide him and us with safety from the police until they could clear our names, providing we brought them the cleff. then they left, but it was a while before tom and the others were convinced they were gone, which is why they took so long to meet up with us.

apparently, when the research team 7 guys (or whoever they were) left, they left a card on the floor, saying:





it looks like awwww??? but johnny says the symbols are greek letters called alpha and omega. pretty strange, huh?

anyway, after that narrow escape, we’re trying to lie low and be cautious. we’ll still keep you updated from time to time, but we’re going to have to be very careful from now on.

tom’s still with us, by the way. if the people after us know who he is, it’s only a matter of time before he’s declared a criminal too for harbouring us. i’m surprised it hasn’t happened already.




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12 02 2009
the totton linnet

Looks like Tom is aboard, that code could be a number??

bizzariarox: yeah, he doesn’t really have any choice but to stick around for now. he’s a man of few words, but you can tell it disturbs him a great deal. as to the code – and i think you’re right, it must be a code – it would make sense for it to be a number, but i can’t make head or tail of it!

15 02 2009

You must have been so worried when you all didn’t meet up at first. That code looks really weird—is it a computer thingy you think? Poor Tom, after all the kindness he’s shown; now he’s involved, too! And what about his family, back at the farm? If the people who followed you know who Tom is, they know where he lives. Oh, dear. Do keep low.

bizzariarox: well, you can imagine, it was quite frightening, actually. computer code? there’s a thought. i don’t know any computer code that uses greek letters, but i’m not expert. i feel really bad for tom. i don’t think he blames us, but he’s worried, especially about caitlin and mark. i really hope they won’t be accused as well! it’s all a horrible, noxious mess. 😦

17 02 2009

quipu: Have you tried substituting the letters for numbers, Bradley?

bizzariarox: not yet, but i’ll give it a shot. thanks!

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