Chapter 96 – the rant

5 02 2009

Tom isn’t stupid.  The tent is specially designed to retain warmth.  All the same, they clearly don’t have a good idea of what they plan to do.

A forest in Gloucestershire is likely to be the Forest of Dean.  Which is generally regarded (rather unfairly) as the home of inbred hicks around here, but you may have heard of it from Harry Potter (the scene in book 7 with the sword in the pond).

It was also in Primeval (and if you haven’t seen any Primeval, I strongly recommend it), as well as Dennis Potter’s Blue Remembered Hills.


The snow might be thawing in Johnny’s world, but in the real Gloucestershire it snowed last night.  School was closed, although instead of doing my coursework, I made a snowman.  And wrote this.  So much for not procrastinating.

The snow is thawing pretty fast, but there’s more forecast for this evening, which could be a problem for the Sixth Form party, which is partially outdoors.  I hope the roads are clear, because otherwise some of my friends won’t be able to make it.  And, of course, the weather means that some people will have to change their costumes, or freeze.  That won’t be a problem for me, though, since my costume, courtesy of multiple charity shops, includes a warm (though itchy) scarf, and a large coat.  And a flat cap.  I’m a poor Victorian.  The theme was “the olden days”, so that ought to suffice.




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5 02 2009

hehe, that’s exactly what i thought when i saw your post! 😉 good luck with the snow! maybe you could wear a turtleneck sweater under the costume so the scarf wouldn’t make you itch.

6 02 2009

What did you think? That the characters don’t have a good idea of what to do next? That I’m procrastinating? That it’s cold?

I don’t have a turtleneck jumper, although I appreciate the suggestion. 🙂 Maybe I’ll be able to get hold of one by next week (the weather was so bad the party’s been postponed!).

6 02 2009

“Please, sir, I want some more.” —just imagining you saying that in your costume. You are getting some weather, aren’t you? Unless you can write an essay about making a snowman and/or blogging, sounds like you have more work to do! I want a tent like Tom’s. Seems a handy thing to have. 🙂

6 02 2009

that you’re procrastinating, of course! you lazy bum. :mrgreen: or you could put a smaller scarf around your neck before wrapping yourself with the itchy costume scarf. are you still enjoying the weather? these days it’s getting quite freaky – during the chinese new year period, it’s always very hot in my country that people usually get sick. but this year it was rather rainy.

12 02 2009

@ Muse: Heh. Oliver G-Force? 🙂

Aye, I’ll say we’ve been having some weather! The essay is finally done, so sorry for not replying sooner.

That tent sure would be useful. Alas, until it is invented, we present-day folk must make do with regular tents!

@ sulz: OK, OK! I don’t have a small scarf, but I’m sure it will be fine. I daresay I’ll live. 🙂

I’ve been enjoying the weather, although its mostly thawed now. We’re left with a lot of ice and slushy mud everywhere and cold winds, which isn’t so fun.

Hmm, that’s odd. So we’re both getting unseasonal weather. The dreaded Global Warming? ♪ Dun dun dah! ♪

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