Chapter 95 – the rant

3 02 2009

Megan doesn’t like eating cute animals.

Sorry for posting this unrealistically late in the day.  I’ll warn you now, I might need to put this story on hold for a bit.  I’ve got coursework due in tommorow and again Thursday, and school might be cancelled tomorrow, which will put me further behind, and it’s another semi-official Sixth Form party this Thursday evening, for which I still don’t have a costume.


We’ve had snow in real life here.  School closed early today (which is now yesterday – blimey, is that the time?), half way through the day.  Unfortunately, our school, demonstrating their usual organisational skills, neglected to inform us that they were closing.  Which meant that some people got left behind by the buses, and one of my friends couldn’t get home.

We all stuck around, and decided to have a massive snowball fight on the girls’ school field.  That was great fun.  We all got very damp, and I didn’t have gloves, so my hands were very cold by the end of it, but we were all enjoying ourselves too much to care about that.

Once we were tired out and shivering all over, my friend who was stranded attempted to ring her dad, without success.  We decided to head into town.  Snow was still falling all this time, which was so cool.  Snow never stays falling for a long period of time around here.  We made for a café.  It took us a while to think of a café in town that none of us was banned from, but eventually we found a nice café where we ate slices of cake – chocolate, butterscotch and coffee, shared between us – and waited while my stranded friend tried repeatedly to phone various family members.  It was after the end of school by the time she finally got through to anyone, whereupon we parted company (my house being in a different direction from the others’ houses).

On the way back, I couldn’t help but admire the way everything looked in the snow.  Trees, in particular, looked beautiful.  I adore snow.  It’s so much fun.




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3 02 2009

i want to have snowball fights too!! 😦 i want to walk in the snow and look for cafes to eat cake in. that sounded so wonderful…

3 02 2009

Mmm-hmm, that’s the time, alright. 😕 Wow, enough snow to cancel school? Sounds like you had a delightful afternoon, and you described it so beautifully!
It took us a while to think of a café in town that none of us was banned from…” Hahaha, laughed out loud at that! 😀
Oh, do your coursework by all means! We’ll be here when you’re done. Best of luck with that!
You lot surely dress in costumes a great deal… 😛
Yay snow!!!

3 02 2009

@ sulz: Aw, who wouldn’t? “Wonderful” is exactly the right word.

You’ll have to come over to Europe some time! 🙂 They have lots of snow in north Europe, especially!

@ muse: It was very late when I posted this, but I have been very busy of late.

Yes, I enjoyed it a lot. And our school has a policy of trying to remain open as much as possible, so that was really quite a lot of snow.

You can laugh, but it was a genuine dilemma! We somehow seem to keep rubbing the café and coffee shop owners the wrong way. Fortunately, we left the café we ate in on Monday completely of our own free will, and without annoying anyone.

Thank you for the luck! 🙂

We don’t dress up that often! Although I suppose what with Alice in Wonderland and that confusing non-uniform day, I’ve made it sound that way on this blog!

Yay snow indeed. 🙂

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