Chapter 95 – Snowed In

2 02 2009


We were supposed to be leaving today. We made plans. Caitlin didn’t think it was right for us to all go off on our own, but Iaru insisted that we needed to move on, so Tom had offered to drive us some of the way out and look after us until we found somewhere safe, since we don’t have a car anymore.

Unfortunately, the weather had other plans. Right now, it would be extremely foolish to attempt to leave the valley, because there is so much snow about. It’s still snowing now.

We had rabbit for dinner. I didn’t like it very much, but the others seemed to enjoy it. I’m afraid I couldn’t get over the fact that it was a rabbit.




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3 02 2009

I’m with you! I wouldn’t like eating a little bunny either! 😦 It’s very kind of Tom to offer to see you are alright after leaving the farm. 🙂 Snow is so lovely, and it least it helps you postpone the decision to leave.

CloudsAreGatheringOverMe: Glad I’m not the only one! Bradley thought I was being irrational. We’re all so grateful to Tom after everything he’s done for us. He’s been ever so kind.

I know lots of people like snow, but when you’re stuck indoors, it’s no fun. I think it would be better if we got moving sooner rather than later, or we’ll never leave.

12 02 2009
the totton linnet

Don’t like wabbit, I’ll have yours-I love it but it makes me fa fa fa far too bloated !!!! 😮

CloudsAreGatheringOverMe: But there isn’t any left now! I think Johnny finished it, if I remember right. We had chips today, which is more my thing. So if I’m not careful, I will also become bloated! If you enjoy the food though, that’s what matters, right? 🙂

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