Chapter 94 – the rant

31 01 2009

I’m honestly not sure which character I agree with.  I sympathise with both sides of the argument!


I saw Underworld: Rise of the Lycans the other day.  That being the first time I’ve gone to the cinema with a group of male, nerdy friends for several months.

I enjoyed it, but in all honesty, it’s no more the type of film I’d normally watch than Twilight was.  The basic concept is essentially vampires versus werewolves, which is, I will admit, genius.  Two of the scariest, most awesome mythical creatures in a dramatic battle.  As a concept, it’s pure win.

The movie is a prequel to a movie I’ve never watched, so it took me a little while to follow it, but there’s just enough exposition that I could work out what was what without much trouble.  It also naturally ended with a cliffhanger, so I should probably watch the original some time.

To be honest, though, I more enjoyed spending time with my friends – my male, nerdy friends – than I enjoyed the movie itself.  It was by far the most violent movie I’ve ever watched, and while fantasy violence and bloodshed doesn’t bother me, neither do I find it as amusing as most of my friends seem to find it.  One of my friends afterwards said that he was dissappointed that it wasn’t gorier(!), but I thought there was quite enough gore, thank you very much.

I did like the way they handled the romance side of the story; the directors clearly know their audience well.  All too often, directors will throw in an unwanted romance subplot under the misguided impression that it adds depth to the story, but here it was entirely relevant to the main plot, while thankfully managing not to dominate the movie (because, let’s face it, nobody goes to see an action movie for the romance).

So anyway, not entirely my cup of tea, but if you’re looking for a decent fantasy action movie to watch with mates, you could do a lot worse.

*Sigh.*  I’m not very good at being “blokey”, am I?



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31 01 2009

hey, girls like un-blokey blokes, right? sensitive new age and all that. like david beckham or something. in touch with their ‘feminine’ side. :mrgreen:

31 01 2009

I have a feminine side??

David Beckham is an extremely talented professional footballer, so he’s allowed to be sensitive! 😉

31 01 2009

Hahah, I love how you said “Blokey”
It’s alright. Be proud, and …. less blokey. That’s never hurt anybody. 😛

1 02 2009

I don’t know, it might be difficult for me to be much less blokey…

Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

2 02 2009
The Totton linnet

Poke a blokey sokey
and see what you will find
you’ll either make him smokey
or perhaps he will be kind

2 02 2009

And sometimes I’m a little bit too “blokey”. I compensated it just now by saying I want to buy a cuddly toy.

2 02 2009

@ The Totton linnet: Thank you for sharing that poem! 🙂

You should always be careful when poking people, you know!

@ crazyasuka: You can’t win, can you, with this blokiness lark? Fortunately, buying a cuddly toy is definitely not a blokey thing to do!

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