Chapter 94 – Making Plans

30 01 2009


Location: the farmhouse
Mood: thinking
Music: Variation no 7: Hip Hop ~ Amadeity

Sup guys? Been discussing what to do next. We’ve been here for over two weeks now, so I think it’s time we were making plans to move on. Longer we stay here, longer we’re putting ourselves and the farm people at risk. Not sensible to hang about like this when the police could drop by any day now. We’re going to be found out eventually. Besides, it sucks being stuck indoors all the time. We really need to keep moving.

Unfortunately, it’s been difficult convincing the others. Well, that’s not quite right. Specifically, it’s been difficult convincing one of the others, who’s been insisting that we’re safe here, that we’d be ungrateful to leave now after Tom was so kind to invite us in, that Megan needs to stay here because she’s still recovering, and so on.

Which is a pile of crap. We’re not safe anywhere, and the longer we stay in one place, the sooner we’ll be found, especially since this farm isn’t exactly isolated. Chances are someone will spot us and recognise us sooner or later, and that’s if the police don’t find us first. And it’s not ungrateful to leave after we’ve been here for a couple of weeks. If anything, we’ll be pushing it if we stay around much longer, because there can only be so much cleaning in one house, right? Four housekeepers has got to be excessive. We don’t want to outstay our welcome. And as for Megan, she herself says that she’s feeling a lot better now than she did, and her burn is a lot less visible, and she’s still got enough ointment left to last her at least a couple of months. Not trying to be insensitive or impatient here, I’m just being practical. Megan herself agrees with me.

I’m hoping we’re going to get moving within the next week, the sooner the better, I reckon.




One response

3 02 2009

I’m inclined to agree with you that your safety is paramount, and that you might just wear out your welcome once you run out of chores.

Iaru01: Thanks. It’s not just our own safety I’m worried about, either.

As it happens, it’s now snowed, so we’ve had to put our plans on hold until it thaws out anyway.

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